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Why Hybrid Mobile App Development can be your next choice for Engineering Mobile Apps?

Now in the mobile app industry, usually two names dominate the most, one is native mobile app and the other one is hybrid mobile apps, and thus , technology is bound to add innovation to these spheres as well.

Since the ancient times, we are facing ample of reviews in the context of native and hybrid mobile app development practices. Both of them have their own pros and cons, while the native delivers a seamless users experience, the latter one operates on all the platforms be it iOS or Android. So, the questions that arise are which one to choose? And why to choose?

In this post we will answer the query in terms of hybrid app development, reason being it is overtaking the existing development models. Therefore, it is must to analyze the benefits it is delivering and why it is favorable for your mobile app development.

hybrid app development

Now, before actually jumping to find out the appropriate reasons for selecting the hybrid mobile app development, let’s find out the some of the major advantages of hybrid apps. Well, that is why, we are going towards the hybrid app development?


Find out few benefits delivered by the hybrid mobile apps:

  • The developers can use their web skills for engineering the hybrid mobile apps.
  • Same code for the different platforms.
  • Cuts the development time and cost standards
  • Increased exposure

Processing further, there are many reasons why one must select hybrid mobile app development? Keep reading the post for identifying them.

Improved user experience

Now certainly, here you need to determine the factor that will attract the users for using your mobile app? Out of the several answers and factors, the one that wins the race is user experience, well certainly no doubt.

Mobile UX UI Design

The aforementioned basic parameter is very easily fixed by the hybrid mobile app development as it delivers superlative user experience and at the same time ensures that your app runs seamlessly over different platforms.

All of us know the importance of UX and the role it plays in building a long-term relationship with the users. Thus, you cannot miss on making your UX designed in the right manner so as to allow your users to operate the app in an easy way.

Offline accessibility

When it comes to mobile apps, people look forward for the offline connectivity. They always try to explore the options that will consume minimum data and will function in the same way in the absence of internet.

Processing further, hybrid mobile app offers robust offline accessibility unlike native apps and uses the API of the user smartphone for storing the data and makes the suitable provisions for safeguarding it as well.

Speed and performance

Next feature that helps you to keep your users on the app is speed.Well, hybrid app development takes care of the issue and assures that you apps run with the defined speed across varied platforms.

It encapsulates all the paradigms for responding to the user’s queries and requests and tries to keep the loading time appropriate during the peak hours.

So, you can consider hybrid apps as the best rescue reason being, its development standards will help you overcome speed crisis and will make the file downloading a way lot easier. Well, let me tell you the above feature is missing in the native mobile apps.

Falls within the budget

Well, this is the top and foremost advantage of hybrid mobile apps and also the main reasons for leaving behind the native apps. A recent study revealed that enterprise app built with native architecture requires around $ 2 million while an app with the hybrid technology will require only $ 1.25 million. Well, you can see the difference between the two, massive I guess.

Hybrid apps require lesser development cost because its development architecture is complied with the different set of libraries, tools and process. With the aid of perforated techniques, the app can be engineered in a minimal time, thus can be easily launched on the app stores.

Less maintenance and development cost

Well, something that is more toil and tedious than developing the mobile app is the task of maintaining it in order to meet the diverse user requirements. In order to build long term relationship with the users, your app must offer them something new, or else they will jump to other mobile apps for exploring new features.

Well, this task is somewhat simplified, in case you have a hybrid mobile app. Due to the flexibility in its developmental framework, the app can be updated in an easy way and at the less overhead charges. Here the choices of platform also play a major role as it determines how fast and how well your app can be updated.

hybrid app comparison

Easy scaling

It is very clear from the definition of the hybrid apps that they are pretty much based on the concept of cross-platform framework. The app can be developed on any of the platforms such as Phone Gap, Iconic, and Framework 7, etc.

This ideology places the hybrid mobile app development above the native mobile app development. It further helps in making the apps scalable plus also lessens down the maintenance cost.

Further, it also boils down the efforts of the developers and helps them to use the same code for developing the apps over various platforms such as Windows, iOS and Android.

Summing Up:

Concluding from the above discussions, one can grab an idea about the advantages delivered by the hybrid mobile app and how well these apps can adapt to the varied user requirements and specifications. Other advantages that it delivers is, they help in making the business scalable plus also sticks to the lesser cost standards.

All you have to do is to figure out the right and ethical hybrid mobile app development company that can aid you to shape your visions in the right and meaningful way.

Author Bio:

Arun Goyal is Managing Director of Octal IT Solution, a leading Web & Mobile App Development Company offering platform to hire dedicated developers for your development requirements. Follow him on Twitter, Facebook & LinkedIn.

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