We are glad to offer some attractive advertising space to sponsors and advertisers at Webgranth. Our targeted set of visitors is mainly web designers, web developers, bloggers and enthusiast professionals from all over the world. To Advertise with us please send a brief email to contact@webgranth.com and we make sure you will be contacted by our team as soon as possible.

Some Statistics

Web traffic figures of Webgranth as on 31 August 2017.

  • Monthly Visitors: 100,000
  • Daily Pageviews: 4000-5000 (150,000 pageviews per month)
  • Twitter Followers: 8000+
  • Facebook Likes: 5000+
  • RSS Feed Subscribers: 3000+
  • Direct Traffic: 22,000

Banner Options

Webgranth offers advertise space for different types of website-wide banners with direct links which can be explored as follows:

1 – Right Sidebar Banners (30 USD/Month)
2 – Top Banners (80 USD/Month)

Paid Guest Post

Paid Guest Post is a perfect medium to allure the readers and visitors with the highly engaging write-ups. Webgranth publishes your post on the site along with one respective URL. All you need to do is send us your content that you wish to get publish.

Pricing: 50 USD

Sponsored Post

Sponsored Post is a great way to get your write-ups, highly noticeable before the enthusiastic readers and visitors. Webgranth allows you to get your post published on site along the one respective link. The content you write should be unique in order to get better visibility on the search engine.

Pricing: 50 USD

Link Under The Post

Webgranth allows you to gain that benefit by placing your link under an existing post of Webgranth.

Pricing: 40 USD/Link

Special offer

At Webgranth, we provide our advertisers ad space at very special discount too applicable only for advertisers using these ad spaces for multiple months. To know latest discount rates contact us at contact@webgranth.com

Advertise and Payment Terms

Please read the following Advertise and Payment terms of conditions carefully to start advertising with us.

  • Payments will be accepted via Paypal only.
  • Full payments will be received by Webgranth before your campaign starts.
  • You can send us your files into JPG, GIF or PNG (not larger than 25kb).

Adverting Notification:

Please note that Webgranth does not publish information about already paid content or reviews about the advertiser. We proclaim that ad about your products or service will not be published unless we find it useful for our Webgranth Community including web developers, web designers, graphic designers and other valuable readers.

For booking your advertisement space please contact us at contact@webgranth.com