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Best Steps to Create a Tinder-Like Dating App

Best Steps to Create a Tinder-Like Dating App


Sure, a startup cannot do without it, but why not start brainstorming right from this puzzling question? What are the users ready to pay for? Do they need an opportunity to contact those who did not like them? Is a celebrity date feature required? We believe that the abundance of great ideas for dating apps that have not yet been implemented still exist and can be used by someone.

Target Audience

Another question that arises is where to get traffic from? Advertising and CPA networks are a reliable source of the users. If you already have experience with mobile traffic, or you actively arbitrate in various niches, getting your own product is a very practical idea. The principles of work are the same, but you do not have to give a substantial share of your income. In addition, you can always finish the application for your purposes.

The second option is suitable for those who are attracted to the idea of becoming an evangelist of their product. Brands like Tinder, Her, or Russian Pure began with the ardent desire of the creators to talk about their project and explain to people why it is needed. The method requires virtually no investment but makes the application recognizable over time, and people treat it with empathy.

Required application functionality

A copy of Tinder downloaded from Google Play or the App Store looks like a complete product, but the application development process consists of three parts, with a separate specialist is responsible for each of them:

  • App Design
  • The Android and iOS platforms support
  • API

Before developing the app itself, everything should be discussed with your team, and based on the results of this discussion, the task is compiled, and the design of the application, as well as its structure, is planned. For example, in the UME application, which offers mobile dating, there are two main sections, (U and Me), filters by age, gender, and location, Hot and Top lists, Tinder card screen, where users choose whether they like people in the photo or not, text and voice messages that are available to those who like each other’s photos, as well as invitations for dates.

Required application features:

  • Check-in
  • User profiles
  • Filters
  • Matching
  • Real-time events
  • Additional paid features.

User profiles

When currently popular dating sites, such as, Plenty of Fish, OkCupid, and just appeared, users had to fill out a profile by answering a questionnaire. But currently, people care more about the visual content of accounts. Thus, the following components are the most important in terms of user profiles:

  • Profile pic
  • Age
  • Geolocation patterns (using GPS services or Wi-Fi provided data).

Additional paid features

Applications like Tinder, in addition to displaying advertisements, also earn premium subscriptions that enhance service capabilities. Tinder offers premium subscribers the following features:

  • No ads
  • The ability to cancel the last swipe if the user suddenly changed their mind
  • The ability to change your profile location to another city or even country, which allows you to find new friends
  • More likes.

If your Tinder-like application has a user rating, this function can also be monetized, for example, to offer paid places in the top for a certain period of time or charge a small fee for the opportunity to chat with the most popular users.

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