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5 Useful Tips For iPhone Backup

Use iTunes and iCloud For Backup

You can use iCloud or iTunes for backup. Now, iCloud only provides about 5 GB space for free use, but it is helpful when you need to backup your iPhone. If your videos and photos are not more than 1 GB, then you can make use of iCloud for backup. Next, you can restore the data to your iPhone.

However, if you have plenty of data, then the 5GB space of iCloud will not be sufficient, and you will need additional space. The best approach is to use iTunes in this situation, and you can use it for backup.

Now, when you decide to backup data on iCloud, then there is yet another significant factor that you should keep in mind. You should make sure that you turn off the HDR. The benefit of this practice is that you can look forward to an efficient iPhone backup.

What happens is that when you have enabled HDR, then the photo quality is superb and two copies of photos get saved. When you disable the HDR, then it reduces the image copies, and this promotes an efficient backup.

To turn off the HDR, you need to tap the camera app. You will see the HDR in the middle top. Tap the HDR to turn it off.

UtiliseiPad Backup to Restore iPhone

You can also make use of iPad backup to restore your iPhone. However, you need to keep one important thing in mind. If you use iPad backup, then you will not be able to restore the videos or photos. Make sure that you extract the images before using iPad backup for iPhone restore.

Make It A Point to Remove Unnecessary Files

When you have to commence with the ios backup, then you should make it a point to delete the unnecessary files. The benefit of this practice is that deleting the unnecessary files will help to reduce the size of the backup.

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Encrypt Your iPhone Data

There is yet another thing that you should keep in mind when you decide to backup your iPhone. Make sure that you encrypt the data in order to keep it safe but do remember your passcode. You will require this passcode every time you decide to restore your iPhone with the backup.

Empty the Safari Cache

Before commencing with iPhone backup, it is also vital to turn off the Safari cache. For this you will have to start with the Safari App and you need to click the bookmark icon that is present at the bottom. Now, you can delete the web pages that you do not need, and this helps to save the iPhone storage space.

Apart from remembering these iPhone backup tips, make sure that you also select a reliable free iPhone data recovery software. You can put this software to use in case you need to recover data urgently.

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