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Why Android Smartphone is Rated Better than iOS?

If you look at Android vs. iPhone, Android wins’ hands down. Android market share is 84% in 2019. 8 out of 10 smartphones in use today in the world runs on the Android platform. This attests to why Android or iOS, more people opt for Android. There are many advantages of Android over iPhone.

Let us look into the reasons why Android is better than iPhone.

  • Popularity

The biggest reason why Android is better than iOS is due to the sheer number of manufacturers that produce Android devices, while iOS is limited to the Apple-made iPhones and iPads only. Thanks to the Open Handset Alliance (OHA) launched by Google and mobile operators, hardware and software companies in 2007 granting the open source license to manufacturers. The alliance ensured that old handsets were replaced with Android by manufacturers. Though some other Operating systems tried to compete, they eventually merged to Android and tools are used for development it.

  • Price Range

Even the cheapest iPhone is exorbitantly expensive at $349. Which means that the people in the countries like India and China where the lion’s share of the market comes from can’t afford an iPhone? On the flipside, we have Android, which starts from the more affordable price range of $150. The consumer who is ready to shell out 200-250$ can buy an Android that is high end. Even the exclusivity based marketing of iPhone can’t appeal to this population, who is budget conscious.

  • Google Services

More and more people are going online, and Google is the king.

Most of us use services from Google, Gmail, Google Music, Google+, Google Drive, Google Docs, Google Chrome, and Google Maps. It is a long list, and these services don’t integrate well with Apple and iOS. You’d know if you have ever tried to use Apple’s built-in Maps if, Google maps is far better. This is one reason why Android is better than iPhone, even in 2019.

Though iOS now has many Google services, they don’t work seamlessly and impact the market share of iOS.

  • Google Now

There are characteristics of Google Now which one can enjoy only on an Android device. Google Now is predictive and pre-emptive. Google Now tries and learns to think like the user who goes a long way into offering conveniences that are paramount to everyday life. Google now is more straightforward, a desirable quality in a digital assistant. Does that make Google Now better than Siri? It is up to the consumer. And, still a question of preference over convenience.

  • Customization

Customization is hands down the most influential factor why Android is better.

Do you want to customize your wallpaper or screensaver or your theme pack and icons? Android got you covered.

Take an iPhone and compare it with another iOS, compare your home screens. Don’t they look like twins?

On an Android, you can customize everything -your home screen layout, the gestures, the page transitions, and effects. There are custom launcher apps in Google Play to help you do just that.

That is not the level of customization an Android smartphone offers. Would you like a custom ROM install? Android lets you pick the ROM you want. Yes, Android enables you to replace the software that came with your device!

You can install a new OS. Many Android users do because of their carrier or manufacturers slow to upgrade to the latest Android version. Not only that many replace their Android operating system for better performance or to gain access to specific tools and add-ons.

Apple wants to keep control of default apps to deliver a homogenous software and hardware experience. This is one reason to go for why the iPhone is better than Android. But, people want flexibility. This is proved by the fact that a lot of iOS users jumped on the wagon when Apple allowed third-party keyboards and basic widgets.

Some manufacturers like Xiaomi, LG, and Motorola allow complex customization, which Apple won’t let you do. Want champagne gold or rose gold? You’ve got it with Apple! However, that will be the level of customization you get. Which is why Android is better than iPhone in 2019.

  • Camera

All devices now spot camera. But, is Android camera better than an iPhone? iPhone camera includes a better lens making the pictures taken on an iOS device clearer. iPhone takes photos with higher micron pixel compared to an average Android camera. But, megapixel doesn’t have much importance.

  • Multi-tasking

Yes, you can handle multi-task by switching between apps on iOS. But, that is nowhere near the level of Android smartphones. If you are a fan of multi-tasking, you will love Samsung’s multi-window. Samsung introduced multi-window long ago. In multi-window, you can view more than one app at once. This is one area where Apple still lags.

  • More Free

Android has more free apps and games than Apple’s iOS. Even some apps that are paid only on iOS have a freemium version and/or even ad-supported version for the Android users.

However, if you are an iOS developer, you can earn more. And, iOS beats Android when it comes to the quality of the apps and games.

  • Android is evolving fast

When Android was launched, it had a lot of bugs; it lagged a lot and spotted an ugly look and feel. Moreover, it didn’t support many apps. These were dealt with and overcame by their very determined development. But, not only Android has come a long way from its not-so-good initial phases, but also it is unrecognizable and continues to improve and evolve at ever higher speeds.

The fact that Android has a vast user base and an array of manufacturers only add more fuel to the improvements. On the other hand, we have iOS which has come to an almost standstill, because of the ‘if it’s not broken, don’t fix it” mentality. Android introduced fingerprint readers, mobile payments, HD displays, Retina scanners, and NFC. The list is extended when you think about the revolutionary strides Android has made, which is why Android is better than iPhone.

  • Android System Webview

You may want to know What is Android System WebView, it is a handy system application that enhances your browsing experience within other apps. It comes pre-installed on Android devices like phones and tablets, serving as an internal browser. Its main purpose is to facilitate seamless access to web pages directly from the app you’re currently using.

  • Android file system

Have you tried to copy files to a computer from an iPhone? You must install iTunes app, get an account, and still will only be able to move media files – music, video, photos. On the other hand, if you connect an Android device to your computer, it mounts as an external drive containing drag and drop folders.

Although the new Files App in iOS 11 lets users browse through the data files, it still lacks because it doesn’t work like the Android File Manager app or ES File Manager, it doesn’t mount your iPhone as an external drive when connected to a computer.

  • USB charging port and 3.5mm headphone jacks

iPhone since iPhone 7 has replaced the USB charging port and a headphone jack with Apple’s proprietary Lightning Connector. Which means if you want to listen to music on your Apple handset, you need a Bluetooth headphone or a dongle?


Yes, Android is more popular. But, is Android better than iPhone? What advantages have an iPhone over Android? You make the judgment based on the facts presented whether in this race of Android vs. iPhone.

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Maria Brown is Chief Content Editor, Blogger and maintaining Social Media Optimization for 21Twelve Interactive which is one the top Android App Development Company in India and USA. She believes in sharing her strong knowledge base with a leaned concentration on entrepreneurship and business. She also writes for Top Mobile App Development Companies. Follow her on @Twitter.

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