Selling SEO Services For Dummies

SEO Services

Quality SEO sells itself. Businesses need to be sold, not on the features of SEO, but the benefits.

How Do You Sell SEO?

One client at a time. But first, educate the client. Customers should have a fundamental understanding of how SEO functions. They also need to know what the consultant will be doing on a weekly and monthly basis. Some clients will want to be brought up to speed on a daily basis.

SEO Functions

Clients usually are happy to pay more for SEO when they comprehend what is going on and how challenging SEO can be.

Transparency Is Key

If a consultant can’t be transparent about the SEO services they provide, there is something wrong.Clients want to know exactly what their SEO services provider is doing.

Of course, it’s alright if the buyer doesn’t want to know the technical details. Some clients, when reported the work details just scan the document or don’t understand it.

Other clients want the details of every link to their website as well as a list of changes performed on the site.

Regardless of which client type, SEO consultants should remain transparent and honest with clients who want the details.

What To Understand: You’re not ready to sell SEO services until you know these items:

  1. A search engine’s goal is to give the best results for a given search query.
  2. Just because a site doesn’t show up for a specific search query doesn’t mean the SEO hasn’t done the job.
  3. The SEO’s primary job is to get more relevant traffic through organic searches. Good SEO gets traffic, and great SEO gets more leads and sales.
  4. Understand how search engines work.
  5. Understand the search results page. There are several types of results pages — also called SERP or SERPs.

…and the list goes on.

What About Brand New Sites

For brand new sites which may be in the launch phase, getting an SEO factored in from the start is vital. From the moment the site’s wire frames and structure is developed, a qualified SEO should be linked to the project.

Too many times SEOs are brought in just before launch. The SEO will find there are significant structural site issues which require fixing or the site can’t fashion in such a way to add more content later and on a consistent basis.

The Takeaway

People who want “cheap SEO” get precisely what they pay for. Cheap, low-quality work.

Acceptable to great SEO services range from $200 to $500 a month as a lot of personalization is involved in proper SEO. There isn’t a magic fit to determine which sort of SEO will be beneficial.

Cheap SEO services aren’t true SEO. Players use ‘reference building,’ ‘regional lists, and random, off-topic links are given to businesses who want a low monthly fee.

What do you think?

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