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A Breakdown of The Cost of Hiring a Mobile App Developer in 2019

What you need to know before hiring a mobile app developer is that it is an ongoing project. It’s not a one-time thing, where you get your app developed by a professional developer and be done with it. It has to update itself with time, fixing its internal issues and upgrading along the way. This is why, it’s really important that you find an ideal app developer that understands all your requirements and is skilled enough to handle your app perfectly.

However, we’re not here to talk about how an hiring of an app developer will help us, but about how much it costs to hire one in this day and age. And the answer is, it depends. Unfortunately, we don’t have a fixed number. And the reason is quite simple: there is no fixed number for everyone. What we can do is help you figure out pretty easily what it is going to cost you to employ an app developer. Let’s break it down into different aspects of developing an app for you to make the correct estimate.

Type of App

The very first place to start when you are planning to get an app developed is to figure out what the app it is going to be and what category does it fall into. A basic app that’s only going to involve very simple programming will offer a standard informative platform for your users. A developer with less than two years of app development experience would be enough to get your work done in a matter of few weeks, and will charge you about $10 to $20 per hour on an average.

However, if the app development process requires more complex programming, as in the case of a database app or a messaging app, the charges would be raised to about $30 an hour on a lump sum. This is because a more intermediate kind of developer would be capable of working on such app development.

Moving to an even more complex category of apps, such as the social networking apps and gaming apps, it’s pretty self-explanatory that such an app would require an incredibly rare set of skills that are only acquired by the talented and well-versed app developers. Such developers will cost you around $120 per hour, and settling for less is not a risk worth taking.

Scope of App

Moving on to another significant aspect of app development, the extent of your app. In other words, what devices you are targeting to showcase your app. The two major platforms that rule the entire mobile market around the world today are Android and iOS. While there are other mobile operating systems as well, most apps today run only on these two.

While it’s important to do a proper market survey to understand which platform would be ideal for your app, you can always have a fair idea of your ideal choice based on your personal experiences with the two kinds of mobile users.

The cost of hiring an app developer will also depend on the type of platform that you want to run your app on. In general, android app developers cost about $10 to $20 less per hour than their iOS counterparts. This is simply because the iOS development process, though more or less the same as the android one, involves a huge list of guidelines provided by Apple. While Google offers its own guidelines as well, they are not as convoluted as the ones provided by Apple. That’s why, an iOS developer has to work in compliance with such guidelines, and hence the increased cost.

It’s pretty obvious at this point that a cross-platform developer, who can develop apps for both Android and Apple, will charge extra and is going to take more time for the initial development process to complete.

Type of Developer

Now, all the technical specifications of the app aside, it’s important to understand that two app developers with almost the exact programming skills will still charge you differently without having any difference during the entire app development process. Let’s understand it from the basic law of supply and demand.

In some countries, there is a skill shortage of app development, and this makes the app developers living there holy grails. It’s pretty obvious that these developers can charge whatever they want and people would happily get their apps developed without thinking twice about the immense cost of development.

On the other hand, there are countries such as India where the IT sector has shown immense growth in the past few years, resulting in an overabundance of app developers with great talent and skills. If you are able to set up a perfect communication with offshore developers in countries where app developer isn’t rare, you can save hundreds of dollars every month in your app development process.


Now you’ve understood clearly why a fixed number in terms of cost of hiring an app developer is not the right question to begin with. There are a plethora of factors to consider before reaching a specific number, and with the help of this guide, you will be able to decide for yourself quickly and effectively.

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Arun Goyal is Managing Director of Octal IT Solution, a leading Web & Mobile App Development Company offering platform to hire dedicated developers for your development requirements. Follow him on Twitter, Facebook & LinkedIn.


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