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How to Make Geofencing Work for Your Small Business

It can be noticed that these shifts have opened up new marketing avenues for small businesses. Enhanced with associated benefits this was normally reserved for only large businesses. With evolution of technology there are many solutions that are provided for the benefit of the user experience and one such solution is geofencing.

Geofencing is a location-based mobile service that allows company to send notifications the moment the smartphone users comes in the range of geofencing. A specified geographical area is maintained by the company mainly in the public space. Geofencing is widely utilized as a marketing tool to directly engage potential customers. By sending promotions and information about their company straight to the consumer’s phone helps the user to remain update.

This era is all about giving every small big business same platform. To focus small business typically those are less known by consumers geofencing is a particularly useful tool to help grow these business. Growing your business with geofencing tools can lead a great response of users.

Geofencing can certainly make that connection happen with the countless users. There are real-world examples of companies using geofencing effectively that help in user engagement. Thus Features provided by Geofencing made many top app development company in India to adapt this approach which can help them in attracting the customers.

Ways to Make Geofencing Work for Your Business.

  • Focuses on Competitors’ Customers
  • Engages People Near Premises
  • Market Customers of Other Relevant Businesses

Focuses on Competitors’ Customers

Advertising using Geofence is an exclusive way to reach to customer. By setting up an invisible “fence” around your competitors’ locations you can target their customers. Broadcasting an ad that contains a special offer to drive customer.

So, as a prospect when a customer is passing by the company geofencing he will receive suggestion his phone. Therefore, he can see an ad for your business offering off on a purchase. This can raise the chances that the customer will make their purchase at your location.

Using geofencing is an effective way to grow awareness for your business and drive more in-person visits. Geofencing helps in targeting a large radius around our own location. You can target people living or visiting within 20 miles of your storefront. Using such method, with a mobile ad will let people know about your new business. Through ad broadcasting you can provide a special offer for a first-time purchase.

Targeting your competitors at your own business location by knowing about consumer’s information such as where it lives, works, or play near your business. Thereby letting them know what offers you provide to grow traffic and sales.

Geofencing is an effective mobile advertising tactic. It can help you to take your geofencing to target relevant businesses.


Attracts Customers: Geofencing sends ads, sales, and promotions directly to users. It helps within the area of your business leading to high customer engagement and an increased probability of making a sale.

By increasing consumer awareness of their brand Geofencing notifications are proven to increase the amount of customer feedback. The promotional notification of business hikes the demand rate. Big businesses have the advantage of geofencing and it can also gain advantage to small businesses too.

Cost Efficient Way to Market: Geofencing also provides incredible cost efficient advertising. As small businesses don’t have a huge budget for marketing but this solution can grow their business. Looking at its outcomes we can say that Geofencing doesn’t break the budget because a small business can also have their own marketing channel. Using geofencing provides small businesses and big businesses on same page with fraction of the price that any small business can afford.

Geofencing Notifications: It is observed that Consumers are constantly bombarded by advertising and marketing notification. The consumers don’t want any more ads anymore. Receiving ads straight to their mobile device helps consumers with valuable engagement with the advertisement.

Strategically Creative: Geofencing can be much more creative than simply sending out notifications. Consumers the moment they enter in the area of your business receives notification regarding purchasing and setting a geofencing area relate to their business. Doing this allows small businesses to target consumers in creative locations.

To attract the customer when they are near your competitor, they’ll receive a discount, special sale, or general information notification. This will work where business could drive traffic away from your competitor. This could surely move the customers toward your own business.

Wrapping up

Small businesses can get creative opportunities because of endless geofencing possibilities. This procedure helps commerce to individually target consumers in strategic geographical areas of interest.

With enticing offers such as sales and promotions about business Geofencing is more useful for small businesses looking to increase their business. Engaging customer awareness regarding budget flexibility and drive easily consumer towards your business.

Have more questions about Geofencing app development? Or you want to know more about this app development reach out to our skilled development team at Quytech. With years of experience with successful app design we are here to help you to design an app like this. Application development like this will help you to achieve your goals as well as keep your customers engaged and fulfilled.

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