How to Rob Your Competitors’ Backlinks Like A Pro?

However, you don’t need to take any pain, as this is the time for smart work and not hard work.

Now, simply understand the fact that quality backlinks can boost your website rankings incredibly. But, gaining the same from trusted sources or websites is not an easy task.

Linking your website on a directory and expecting it to rank at the top position in search engines (like Google) the very next day is sheer foolishness. This is not the way it works. You need to have great connections, so that you get backlinks from high-quality sites.

What To Do If You Need Good Backlinks ASAP?

If you want to attract quality links in a very short span of time, you must simply use some tools to spy on your competitors’ backlinks. This is where your smart work begins. Your competitors have already performed the hard work; now, it’s time to steal that hard work and use it to get backlinks for your website.

Here’s How to Rob like a Pro

So, are you all geared up to begin hunting for your competitors’ backlinks? If yes, take on your binoculars, your hunting hat and stay alert, as you cannot afford to miss a single step. Let’s get started now –

#1. Understand What to Focus On

Before spying on the competitors’ backlinks, it is important to understand what type of backlinks you should focus on. Backlinks are important. But, this doesn’t mean that you should vouch for any backlink that comes your way. This is the very reason why Google offers an option to disavow links. Since all backlinks are not equal in their value, therefore, not focusing on the link quality can worsen your SEO efforts.

Newbies often try a strategy to buy backlinks or even get free links from directories or another website of their own. However, these strategies do not work, as much as organically received backlink. Do not mistake search engines to be stupid. They know it very well that directories offer you link, just like a candy is offered to a kid. Hence, links obtained from directories offer you less link juice.

To be very specific, you need to keep your focus on three important factors (mentioned below), in order to improve your rankings by multiple times.

  • Different websites linking to you
  • Total amount of backlinks
  • Links obtained from high domain authority sites

Once you have these factors printed in your head, you must move further, to steal the competitors’ backlinks by spying on them.

#2. Spy on Backlink Profiles

The very next step that you must take is to spy on the backlink profiles of your competitors. The ultimate goal here is to find qualitative links from different sites. So, before you begin, make a spreadsheet (highlighting data, such as content topic, DA, PA and website post/page) on excel or Google Sheets, to keep note of the important data. Once you are done with spreadsheet creation, open ‘Open Site Explorer’ and enter the website link of your competitor in the search bar. Hit search and you’ll come to know about the page authority and domain authority data.

Using the tool, you can also find total number of links for a specific page. Keep this in mind that the link amount shown would be valid for that specific page, and for the entire website.

For total links on the website, click on ‘Compare Link Metrics’. From here, go to the ‘root domain metrics’ at the bottom of the page. After this, you need to follow three more steps that will help you locate the best links in the website –

  • Select inbound links.
  • Select “only external” as the link source, “this root domain” as the target and finally, “link equity” as the link type.
  • Click on domain authority column to sort the pages from high authority to low authority.

With this, you’ll be able to collect all the external links to the competitors’ website, and hence be able to give a boost to your SEO ranking. Most if the companies that outsource SEO services in India or abroad often find that these service providers do not just stop at this point; they rather look for trends or posts, which people are linking to. So, even if you do not outsource the same, just make sure to follow the trends and jot them down in your Google Sheet.

#3. Spy on the Trendiest Posts

After creating a decent list of trending posts, it is now time to filter the list and spy on the trendiest posts. From the list, take a popular link with tons of backlinks and search it in Open Site Explorer. Doing this, you’ll find all of the sites that linked are to that specific post or topic. Now, create an engaging content on the same topic (if you have already created one, no need to create another). Also, do keep an eye on the links that your competitor is obtaining. You are now ready to steal their links.

Further, at this point, you should also understand how they got those links, and once you know it, simply replicate the process. Getting links from a byline is one of the most popular techniques that can provide you with high quality links from the best sites in your specific industry. But, it is not necessary that your competitor used the byline technique for gaining links. So, you need to keep digging in deeper, until you find the answer. However, do not panic, if you do not succeed in the same.

In this case, you can switch to another strategy, and that is building a relationship with the company. Relationships in the marketing world are based on give and take funda. Mailing someone and asking them to link to your site is no less than begging. Obviously, you would not want the company to look at you, as a spammer. So, choose the better way. Simply reach out to the company and pitch them for exchanging links. Do not beg for links; rather offer them a valuable deal.


Do you desire for a higher rank in Google SERPs? If yes, do note that you cannot accomplish it with zero or poor quality backlinks. Even if you have the least competitive keyword, you cannot rank it higher without backlinks. So, the only trick is to spy on the backlinks of your competitors and leverage from their hard work. Do a thorough research on their backlink profiles; identify pages that receive the maximum amount of links and replicate the entire process that your competitor uses for link acquisition, for example, outreach, guest blog etc. In case, you fail to discover how your competitors got those links, you can always conduct outreach. Instead of asking for links, establish mutually beneficial relationships and witness scalable growth of your business.

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