How Blogger Outreach Can Help With Your SEO

If you’ve ever been weirded out by the concept of blogger outreach, perhaps it might help to remember that blogging in itself is quite the powerful way to boost your marketing efforts. For instance, aside from the fact that business blogging itself is on the rise, businesses who choose to blog do get to receive higher-quality leads and can lead to better returns than other marketing methods. Unfortunately, 43-percent of readers do admit to skimming blog posts, which means you really need to start grabbing their attention from the start.

Regardless, if you consider that there’ll be an estimated 31.7-million bloggers by 2020, and with 47-percent of buyers opting to talk to sales representatives after reading three to five pieces of content – you’re in good hands if you get the hang of blogging for your business. In fact, marketers who put blogging on their priority list are 13 times likelier to get positive returns. When you consider that Google gets as much as 100-billion searches per month, you can use those searches to boost your SEO potential. Thing is, how are you going to get to the top?

SEO Goals Achieved With Blogger Outreach

If you’ve ever been curious as to how the above numbers can be related with one another, you might want to take SEO and mess it with blogger outreach. Before you decide on pushing through with such a prospect, however, it might help to understand these fundamentals first:

  • Blogger outreach helps build and strengthen your brand:

Regardless if you’re a small business or a startup, it can be quite the challenging job to make sure people are both curious and invested into your brand’s growth. However, if you tap into bloggers and get your brand featured in their pages, you just might get the renewed kind of appeal you’ve been looking for. This is important, as making content from scratch and spreading them can be quite the investment with unsure results. You can immediately tap into an audience of another blogger and leverage your brand from there.

  • Get yourself links of much higher quality:

Search engine optimization depends on making sure pages that links back to you aren’t just authoritative, but relevant to your niche as well. When you do blogger outreach, bloggers within your industry get to link back to you. If they’re reputable enough, the quality of their links get “passed” on to you, and in turn can help your growth in the rankings scene. This is important, as it takes away a huge chunk of time you should dedicate in terms of investing in content and other strategies that will take a lot of resources to execute. Though important it can be a time-consuming endeavour, so you might want to consider looking for link building services online rather than invest a lot of time into it yourself.

  • Build and nurture better connections with your audience:

Aside from building a relationship with influencers, you get a better chance of interacting with your audience because your brand will be directly featured in someone else’s blog. You can even make the blogger in question part of your audience, and having strong ties with them can definitely boost the chances of your blog being known in the market. Influential bloggers carry a lot of weight and prestige with them, and being a trusted brand can definitely turn some ears towards your direction.

  • Get yourself fresh and new content without breaking a sweat:

Forming a good relationship with bloggers can get you the kind of new and fresh content you need without having to write anything on your end. If you have a good relationship with influencers, you can just ask them to write about a new product or a service and not only will you have fresh content, you’ll have good links as well. Investing in a blogger outreach campaign allows bloggers to make hot pieces of content for you. If those become viral, their blogs also benefit from the exposure.

The Takeaway: Leverage Your SEO With Blogger Outreach

Search engine optimization (SEO) is still one of the most famous methods of digital marketing practiced by a lot of brands today. After all, when you get to the “good side” of Google and other search engines, you’re pretty much at the top of your game – literally. Unfortunately, achieving such a feat isn’t exactly the easiest thing in the world. Thankfully, with the tips above, perhaps you can actually leverage on blogger outreach to achieve your SEO goals. With the right kind of push, you might actually be able to effectively use blogger outreach in order to properly set up a stronger SEO game and be able to rise to the top of the brand recognition scene.

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