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Reasons why Hiring Web Developers applying Quality Assurance Principles is Important

A website cannot be 100% flawless; there are some minor or large issues that can trouble in getting dedicated traffic. In web development process, there are a number of factors considered that takes the product to a whole new level. One cannot overlook the issues during the web development process. Codes can be complicated and errors can occur during the final stage of development, this is when Quality Assurance testing comes to the role. Professional QA Testing team enables the website to work accurate and with no errors for a seamless run.

The Role of QA Testing by Web Developers

Testing by Web Developer
The role of QA Testing is to follow three basic testing types- Requirement testing, design testing and functionality testing. Every testing type is a process conducted throughout the development stage. Web developers who use the principles of QA testing types are the one who delivers the best product. Investors too proceed in investing on the project if web development team is precise in its QA approach.

However, not every web development team follows the QA process due to lack of knowledge and ability. So by either hiring a separate team or outsourcing the work ease down the work. But on the flip side, due to lack of finance, companies usually train web developers for QA testing that makes the process easier. In fact, web developers following QA principles are practically a good decision, as they can have the idea where did they lack.

Here is why hiring web developers with QA Testing skills is the best decision:

Reduces Budget:

For a company, be it a startup or medium-sized, hiring an additional team of experts can be an expensive deal. The same goes for hiring QA team. But if the web development is trained or carries the QA testing skill, it’s a bonus for the company. Web development quality testing helps in predicting the magnitude of negative consequences the site can have later. The company can face a loss due to the negative image of the brand in the market. So the web development team with QA testing skill can eliminate the errors and deficiencies right from the development stage.

Delay in Release, but gives Quality Outcome:

Rather than releasing the website with full of errors, the company need to take enough time in solving the errors and releasing a quality product. Testing allows identifying and eliminating the errors and inconsistencies that may have escaped in the initial stage of the development. The testing team needs to check if the site design perfectly arranges itself in different devices, most importantly in a smartphone.

Quality the Foremost Thing:

The role of the QA tester is not just to eliminate the error, but to restructure the product for a quality result. In fact, the web development team conducting the QA process stands into the shoes of the customer to review the site. Right from browsing to design, everything is tested. The main aim of the web owner and developers is to design a site that is user and system friendly. However, here one must consider that if the QA process conducted in the initial stage, the process of releasing the site is fast and has quality in all sense.

Security for User:

The major concern of any web developer or even the user is the security. If the website is designed for an e-commerce site, then there will be hundreds of customer database involved. Poorly designed site with no security features is vulnerable to data hack. Such events are preventable if the QA team along with web developers works together. This also can be considered if the web development team conducts the security test in the initial stage itself.


Web developers with QA testing skills are an asset for the company. Not only they bring the budget, but also ensure the product delivered is bug-free and error free. For mid-sized and startup, the best way to ensure quality work is by outsourcing the web development project. Outsourcing services have web developers with QA testing skills to optimize quality and faster result for clients and end customers.

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