Ecological Products To Set Up A Business

What are organic products?

They are products or supplies obtained through environmentally friendly production systems, that is, without using any artificial chemicals or, failing that, using processes that drastically reduce damage to natural environments suggests The Gaylord Box Exchange.

What can ecological products be?

They can be food, clothing, household products, products for hygiene, cleaning, cosmetics, custom packaging, means of transport, etc.

What does an entrepreneur need to create a business with ecological products?

To set up a business based on organic products it is important to have a very realistic view of the project, the economic and social context. In addition, the entrepreneur must be very interested in this topic and have a philosophy of life consistent with the care of the environment and entrepreneurship.

It is also recommended that the entrepreneur has a commercial vision and a customer orientation that help him to take advantage of resources and establish his objectives and finally, behind the objective of entrepreneurship must also have a faithful belief that the project can bring many benefits at the social level.

What is the use of setting up a company based on ecological products?

There are many benefits of setting up a company based on organic products, however, in Emprender Fácil we firmly believe that the advantages are greater when you use a virtual store why? continue reading:

  1. You don’t have to search for or hire a real estate agent to find a location.
  2. The cost of buying or renting a domain and hosting on the Internet is much lower than that of a physical location.
  3. You don’t have to hire personnel.
  4. The legal proceedings are few and of smaller cost than those of a physical store.
  5. You can work from home.
  6. You don’t have to equip another property for its use.
  7. You reduce expenses of services (water, electricity, gas, etc.).
  8. You reduce transportation costs.

Before launching a business based on ecological products you must define the product, then study the competition, then define the type of potential customer for what? to know if it is viable to sell your product or service.

Here are some examples of business ideas based on green products:

  • Business ideas with ecological products
  • Internet business or virtual stores
  • You can sell almost anything on the Internet and take advantage of social networks for marketing.

Among the businesses you could do are: Community Manager, web programmer, analyst, web editor, Social Media Strategist or create virtual stores to sell your products.


It is fashionable and has an impressive growth. You can be an expert in collecting, using, transporting and selling materials. You can build furniture and real estate with ecological or recyclable products, you can restore antiques and you can even venture into Organic Fashion with makeup and beauty products, and so on.

Health and food

You can set up a business based on organic products for consumption, such as healthy food, organic coffee, groceries, fruits and vegetables 100% natural. Fitness and healthy fashion make this market have a great future.


Do you remember all those wastes from your home such as fruit shells, vegetables, meats or even paper? Well, these organic products are a big help if you want to make a compost. You could use this as a campaign to make people aware to make better use of their organic products, so they have a nice garden and care for the environment. In this age of environmental care this type of compost has a big market.

Green energy

How rich is the sun! How tasty is the breeze! How good is the current of the river at your feet! You can take advantage of each of these elements to produce and sell solar, wind and hydraulic energy and why not? You can do it with ecological or recyclable products. Also, if you use this type of energy in your business you will save many euros.

Ecological transport

You can set up a business transporting ecological goods and products to your home, become a retailer or wholesaler. Of course, all this would make a lot more sense if you did it in some form of environmental transport (bicycle, scooters, electric car, hybrid car, and even carpooling, etc.).

Plant a tree!

I once heard about a tradition in Northern European countries that when a child reaches about 8 years old the father goes to a forest with his son(s) and together they plant a lot of trees and the father explains to his son that he is planting the forest that his great-grandchildren will enjoy and that the forests he (or she) is in were planted by his great-great-grandparents. In these Nordic countries forests are an essential part of their life, so much so that they even have sacred trees and forests according to much older mythologies. It is a beautiful tradition that we should adopt in the rest of the world, don’t you think?

What do you think?

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