Google AdWords Tips You Should Have Known Sooner

However, it would appear that one method is forgotten these days. Google AdWords has been around for a long time, but not everyone is utilizing it. Starting with it is relatively easy, and your initial campaign could be completely free. Get Google Ads – Get your Google Ads Promo for free and do not worry even if you experience some failure initially.

Negative Keywords

Since the campaign depends a lot on keywords used, some people tend to overlook the part about negative keywords. You are looking to make money, correct? So when you are researching keywords and stumble upon something that has a decent search volume and is easy to rank, make sure you do not fall in the negative keyword trap.

The words like “free”, “trial”, “cheap”, and so on will have a negative effect on your overall campaign since it is going to attract people who are not willing to spend money. Focus only on those keywords that encourage buyers and not random traffic.

Duplicate Keywords

Continuing with the topic of keywords, another common mistake is not getting rid of duplicates. Some businesses have this assumption that they will be only competing against themselves and do not give a second thought about all the negativity such negligence brings.

On top of that, it becomes so much easier to keep track of things if you do not have duplicates. Why burden yourself with something when you can eliminate this issue so easily?


Quality scores and the overall success of your campaign depends on a lot of factors. But things are changing all the time, meaning that you need to keep track of everything and ensure that there are no hiccups.

Size of Ad Groups

Keep the size of your ad groups in check because when they reach a certain number of words, the overall performance can plummet in a matter of days. Once a group is too big, simply separate it and have two different groups.

Landing Page Relevance

Do not depend on clickbait titles and other tricks. These do not work anymore. The days of tricking people into visiting your site with a sensational ad and title are a thing of the past, and digital marketing relies on quality more than anything else. Your landing page needs to be relevant. Otherwise, the bounce rate is going to skyrocket, causing penalties from Google, and you can say goodbye to the whole thing.

Get Rid of Under performing Ads

It is trial and error so you are going to test out a lot of different variations before landing on something that truly works. As such, you do not need to stick to something that is under performing. Instead of wasting your resources, move on to the next thing.

Ad Copy

One could argue that a good ad copy can make or break the whole campaign. Writing a compelling text for an ad is certainly not something everyone is capable of doing.

There are two options. The first one is working on it as much as you can and practicing this craft, though it might take a lot of time before you can nail down a great copy. The second one is hiring someone who specializes in copy writing, or even in writing ad texts for Google.

Research Competition

Having little experience is difficult no matter what you are doing. But you can compensate for that with persistence. Look at what your competition and other, well-established brands are doing. What their ads are like, what it is they are doing that you believe to be effective, etc. Apply their best practices to your own campaign.

Test and Learn Consistently

Mastering Google AdWords is difficult and requires time, but nothing starts knowing everything there is to know about it, right? The more time you spend testing out various keywords and campaigns, the better off you will be. And do not be afraid of making mistakes because they are the best learning material.

All in all, if you are looking to make your business boom, then considering starting Google AdWords campaign, especially if you have not tried it before. And even if things are looking to be pretty tough at first, you can crack this nut in no time, especially by following the tips written above.

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