5 Link Building Strategies that Your Competitors are Using

Yes, you are right; the site with high quality links is going to rank higher.

Link building is the differentiator of the SEO game.

It can distinguish your site from the rest.

Search engines use links to crawl sites and rank them based on the quality of these links from other sites.

If your competitors’ sites are ranking higher, it’s probably because of their link building strategies.

But no worries.

You can also implement amazing link building strategies and get ahead of others.

Here’re my 5 favourite link building strategies:

Find Unlinked Mentions

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Unlinked mentions are basically online citations or mentions of your brand or company. It could be something directly related to your brand.

However, there may not be any link to your site.

Such mentions are quite important. The person writing that probably knows about your business and that’s why he has mentioned your brand or company.

Now you are quite close to earning a link. What’s next?

All you got to do is reach out to the person or company who has mentioned your brand name. Request them to convert the unlinked mention into a link.

That’s it. You have got a quality link!

Now pause for a moment and think, what if there are a lot of such unlinked mentions online? Imagine the number of links you can earn if you can work on this.

You might wonder how to find these unlinked mentions.

Well, there are various free and paid tools that you can use to find unlinked mentions and convert them into links!


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HARO is an acronym for Help A Reporter Out.

Compared to all other link building strategies in which you try to reach out, here the media outlets will reach out to you.

Here’s how it works.

You need to sign up as a source.

Once you do that, you will get three emails every day from media companies.

Each email will have different categories under which you will find a lot of topics. Categories would be like ‘Business and Finance’ and ‘Science and Technology’ etc.

Each topic will carry the name of the media outlet in the bracket at the end. Look at the topic and consider the media outlet.

If the topic is related to your business, it’s a good start. Then look at the media company. Using different tools, you can find out the authority of that media company.

You would naturally want to contribute to the high authority domain so that you can reach out to more people.

Next, you are supposed to respond to the query that they have.

So let’s say, the query is about ‘content marketing strategies for 2019’. If this is what your business is about, you can respond to the query and explain your inputs. You can give your author bio and a link to your site.

It takes a few minutes to respond to queries by these media outlets and you can earn amazing links from these high authority media sites.

Wouldn’t you want to try your hand at it?

You can read more about HARO

Give Testimonials

Image source: searchenginejournal

Have you noticed how every site has a few testimonials?

Ever guess who provides these testimonials?

Simple; people like you and me!

When you avail a product or service from a high authority domain site, you can send a testimonial.

Most of the sites would crave for such testimonials.

All you got to do is write a effective testimonial worth publishing and add a link to your site in it.

That’s it. Your job is done. When the site publishes your testimonial, you have earned your link!

Imagine how many places you can post your testimonial and earn links!

A word of caution: don’t overuse this strategy as search engines don’t like if someone tries to leverage it beyond a point.

Write Guides on Hot Topics

This should be simple.

Write long and in-depth guides on hot topics.

Don’t be superficial and don’t try to cover too many things in a blog post.

Just create detailed guides on relevant topics that are trending at the moment.


Then people would get enticed to read it.

The more people read it and enjoy it, the more likely it is that people will want to link to it.

When people find value in what your write, they will naturally want to be a part of it.

The next logical result is: links!

So keep writing informative, detailed guides on interesting and relevant topics, links will come by on their own!

Create a Big List and Featured on Icon

Image source: velocityparteners

Everybody loves list-style content!

From search engines to readers, everybody finds it awesome.


There’s too much content out there on the Internet. But people want the essence of all of it in one post.

So lists are the way forward.

That’s why a list-style post like “Top 5 Ways to Increase Website Traffic” gets a lot of attention.

Now all you got to do is create a big list and a featured on icon. Next, let the sites included in the list know that they are featured.

Request them to use featured icon with a link on their site.

That’s it!

Parting Note

There’s a lot that passes for link building on the Internet.

There is a lot of catchy content related to link building that you might come across.

However, it’s difficult to find actionable and proven link-building strategies that can deliver results.

Fortunately, these top 5 link building strategies may hopefully come in handy to you.

Implement them and earn plenty of links!

Author Bio:

Lalit Sharma is the Founder & CEO of Ranking By SEO. He has been working in SEO industry since 2005. He can be seen contributing to SEMrush, Social Media Today, and Entrepreneur etc…

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