OneInternet – Better in Features than other ISPs

OneInternet - Better in Features than other ISPs

You might come across many internet service providers that promise a changed world, chocolate fountains and gold beds – but is that really what you want? No, a bed made of gold would be very uncomfortable to sleep in while chocolate fountains (although lovely for some time) would end us up sooner rather than later. In addition, most of the promises made by ISPs turn out to be quite disappointing and empty. However, that isn’t quite the case when it comes down to Mediacom internet. While every other ISP might be making you promises of the magic jellybeans – you know it just as well as them that no provider can promise a consistent blazing fast internet speed at all times. Instead, what can be expected from almost all the ISPs that exist are excruciatingly long lag hours with highly abusive data caps – yes, I just used the word abusive for data caps because it is more than just unfair to have. Moreover, hundreds of contracts making sure you never leave that provider alongside a bad customer service as a cherry on top.

Why should you opt for Mediacom Internet?

1.      Fast Speed

Mediacom offers a variety of internet plans with a variation in prices as well as speeds to help people pay only for as much as they use. If you know how much you require – you’re good to go. It’s download speeds go from a blazing 60 Mbps and break the barriers to go up to a blasting 1000 Mbps / 1 Gig. In short, it is on you to decide if you are a light internet user or if you need a beast of speed with 1000 Mbps to waste. Browse, stream, enjoy – repeat!

2.      Network Security

As per Symantec, 1 in every 13 web requests always have a malware variant hiding within them. Now, this might not seem like a huge thing but it can easily slip a virus into your system so in order to protect your network from such malicious threats – you always have to buy an antivirus. Mediacom, here takes another lead, by providing you with a free – YES, FREE! – Total Defense™ Internet Security Suite. It is a highly strong antivirus cloud-based scanning protection for your network with auto-detection for threats to remove them alongside.

3.      Promotional Offers

Mediacom makes sure that their new customers join hands with them for a forever rather than a maybe – it offers expensive internet plans like that of 100 Mbps with free Netflix and free hotstar to enjoy for a whole year and an extensive Wi-Fi system in as minimal as $49.99 per month. Pretty sweet, if you ask me. Moreover, the brand also goes about offering amazeballs sort of deals throughout the year loaded with services and discounts for their existing customers.

4.      90 Day Money-Back Guarantee

If you aren’t satisfied with the services you can always have your money back with Mediacom. This is the limit to what one can go to in proving their credibility publicly. Don’t like it, refund it! Simple as it is.

5.      Wi-Fi Connectivity

Due to the brand’s amazing Wi-Fi system mesh called Xtream – you can get your hands on a great wireless in-home network. The connectivity is to die for because of Xtream’s smooth connectivity throughout the home. Literally reduces the number of Wi-Fi dead spots in your home to zero.

6.      Bundle Savings

If you feel like you need TV as well as a phone network alongside your internet connection then bundle deals are your best getaways. Bundle it all up and save yourself a lot of money. Mediacom accommodates every buyer group by offering single, double as well as triple play at the most reasonable prices ever.

7.      Around the Clock Technical Support

It wouldn’t matter if you have an issue in the middle of the night or halfway through the day – their 24/7 customer support offices are always available for you. All you need to do is contact them and viola – soon a representative talks to us and manages the situation as smoothly as possible.

Mediacom does not propose merely 1, 2 or 5 but around 18 different internet plans – all of which are very reasonable in terms of prices as well as quality. Their speed range starts leapingaround at about 60 Mbps and truth be told it is bazillion times more than many others at a mere price of $49.99 per month. The internet service provider’s speed, however, doesn’t stop there and keeps running up until it reaches the 1 Gbps mark and all that using a cable connection no less!

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