9 Key Factors in Choosing Essay Topics

9 key factors in choosing essay topics

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Choosing a decent topic for writing an academic essay can be a confusing task. Oftentimes, professors leave it to students so that the latter can demonstrate their creativity and invent a topic on their own. But how to do that? We prepared this guide to make your choice easier and faster. Let’s see the steps you need to take to get the things done.

Preparation: Create a list of topics

The first step is a brainstorming process that should lead you to the list of at least 7-8 topics. If you managed to invent only 3 topics, it may bring you a problem as neither of them can be suitable. At the same time, the list of more than 10 topics will make you lost in the selection, so take your time to create 7 or 8 topics as it is the best number to choose from. 

When brainstorming, do not be in a hurry. The process may take you longer than you think, so keep this in mind and don’t procrastinate with your essay till the last minute. If you don’t have enough time, the pro essay writing service offers help with developing topics for any type of academic essay. 

Coherence: Make sure the topic correlates with your subject

In spite of the professor letting you choose the topic of your assignment yourself, you can write about anything that interests you. Think about your class and why you enrolled in it. What was your motivation to do so and what issues did you want to explore when you applied for it? The answer to a good essay topic lies in the answers to these questions. 

Novelty: Check whether the issue is relevant

Keep in mind that the theme of your writing should be up-to-date and solve an important issue, especially if you are about to write an essay for Social Sciences class. For instance, if you are writing for the History class and are interested in World War II, think about researching its outcomes and impact on the younger society of the 1950s. As you can see, the topic is already specific and narrow, so the attention of the reader will be focused only on the impact of the War and the change it made on the lives of the youth that time, not on the whole mankind. 

Hook: Make it look eye-catching

When you managed to choose and narrow down your essay theme, formulate it in the words that would sound ordinary for your audience. To know whether your topic is strong, you need to think about your reader and their possible relation to the issue. You may even write a short portrait of your audience to understand its attitude in full. If you still don’t like how it sounds and wish to get a bit of professional advice, contact the legitimate essay writing service to get the evaluation. The feedback of the experienced editor will improve your theme dramatically. 

Logic: Don’t confuse the connections between issues

One more thing that the students often forget to check is the logic of their topic. Remember about cause and effect links between facts and events when you create your thesis statement. If you don’t understand something, you can always ask your professor for help or get a tip online using the cheap essay service. Don’t be afraid to consult them on this point, for if you missed out on some important facts or connections, your essay would be wrong at large.

Sources: Check whether the issue was explored before

Once your topic became coherent, search for the sources to base your writing on. It may happen that you would not be able to find enough of them if your theme was not analyzed earlier. In this case, use all of the search engine’s capacities to find the needed information and try searching on all languages that you know. You are likely to get a lot of references.

Engagement: Choose the topic that pushes you to discovery

To make at least the first step possible to realize for you, be sure the essay topic makes you eager to research it. If you feel that you narrowed the topic down to the extent that does not push you to get to know more about it, then you have probably overdone it. The fast essay writing service can help in this situation. Your pro writer can change the angle of approach to the issue slightly and show you the ways to best tackle it. 

Flexibility: Make corrections if needed

As you get to know more about your problem, take notes when you find the relevant facts and quotations to support your argument. You may notice that your topic can be corrected in this stage, and this does not have to scare you. Until you have started writing, you can make changes to the theme and a thesis statement.

Curiosity: Remember to be interested in the subject 

Once you’ve been working and thinking about your subject much, remember to like it and still be interested in it. We know how hard it may be to write and present the pieces of evidence for the things that you don’t care about. Therefore, you have to tackle your assignment as something meaningful to you. If you lose motivation, think of how you will grow as an academic writer after conducting this task, and how it will contribute to your final grade for the class. If you feel tired or exhausted, delegate some part of your writing to the legit essay writing service and switch your attention to other activities. After doing this, you will get back to your writing with a fresh mind and inspiration to work enthusiastically. 

Inventing an essay topic is a daunting task, especially for beginners. However, if you know the factors that influence its choice, it will not be that hard for you. Have the list of topics in front of you next time you get an assignment from your instructor, and make your topic impress your reader with ease.

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