4 Blogging Trends You Should Keep Up With

4 Blogging Trends You Should Keep Up With

Blogs come in many shapes and sizes and ultimately are designed and written to suit your personal or business needs, and experimenting is definitely recommended. However, as blogging moves forward, deep into 2020 and beyond, knowing what trends the hottest blogs are following is a useful benchmark to have for your own.

Trying a longer form blog or starting up an original podcast to accompany your fluent written style, an evolving blog is an engaging one. The shift to multimedia articles comes with increased smartphone usage, a demand to be visually stimulated and a craving for interactivity. Here’s how you can stay on the curve. 


As people’s time becomes more pressured, but blogs become more popular, it is an increasing trend to outsource writing tasks. Guest posts will provide your website with tailored, engaging articles that are targeted to your audience, suiting your website’s tone of voice.

Making sure that your outsourced content is optimized for search engines will improve your rankings in searches and bring traffic to your blog and website.

It is a way of ensuring quality, at the quantity you desire. There is more information on this type of guest posting at


The longer form blog appears to be rising in popularity, as consumers find time to relax and indulge in the “long-read”. Listicles and how-tos remain highly popular but to increase variation in your blog, you may consider writing or commissioning some lengthier, 1,000 words or more content. This allows the writer more depth in the subject and permits them to be more creative in their descriptions and storytelling.

Longer form blogs are better suited to incorporating video content and pictures, as there is more text to wrap around them, making an aesthetically pleasing, multimedia blog post.

High frequency

Uploading more regular content onto your blog is a surefire way to attract more visitors and gain a more loyal readership, and it also helps with pushing you up the search engines’ rankings. Forgetting to post or failing to make your blog a regularly updated space could leave you behind.

One way you can achieve this higher frequency is to make your blogs into a series – if your story, description or guide isn’t complete in the first post it will encourage you to post the second and third instalments, or however many you wish to take. Another could be to encourage reader interaction – if you have asked for readers’ questions or told a reader you will be producing a blog post on their suggested topic, you will want to fulfil your promise and get it uploaded as soon as possible. Setting yourself deadlines and weekly targets will also help.


Podcasts are more popular than ever. Whether it’s in the bath, on a commute or while cooking, there is an increasing number of pre-recorded packages for people to listen to. As of April 2020, there are over 30 million episodes of over one million podcasts, compared to over 18.5 million episodes of over 525,000 podcasts in 2018.

This is a trend you do not want to be left behind on. Podcasts are a perfect match to a blog, where you can conduct long-form interviews, extracting the quotes from it for your written piece. A popular podcast is also excellent marketing material, as you can then direct listeners back to your website.

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