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Best Free Web Browsers | Sweet Features + Bitter Back Logs

Internet is one of the biggest technical boons we have; it facilitates us to reach the whole world just a few clicks away. Web browser is the software used to exchange the data from the internet or World Wide Web. From watching an online movie to exploring the complicated work of NASA, web browser offers us the complete world of information and entertainment. The use of internet without web browser may be portrayed as a weapon without any bullets. Web browsers allow even the fresh user to easily explore the internet with the help of additional tools. A web browser is able to save your password, favorite pages and browsing history, watch videos online without any additional media player, add plugins and lot more. If you are still not able to understand what a web browser is than let me tell you that you are reading this article just because of your web browser; you clicked on an icon to use the internet, the window box that get opened after clicking, is your dear web browser.
Nexus was the first web browser which was successfully built in the end of 1990 and was introduced for the public in august 1991. Later on a lot of other web browsers were developed ranging from Mosaic, internet explorer 1, Netscape navigator etc to the latest internet explorer 9, Opera 11.50 and chrome 9-16. These all web browsers offers different array of feature and services to attract the internet users, so here the question arises which one is best among these stack of choices, And why? Should we try the latest browsers or the internet explorer is still the best option?
To help you find out the answers of all these questions and lot more other useful information about the web browsers; we are offering you the overview of best web browser options. You can download almost all of these web browsers free of cost to enhance the working speed and flexibility of features for a much better web browsing experience.

Google chrome

Google chrome is one of the most popular browsers in the list. From a lightning fast internet browsing speed to a complete bag of feature goodies; Google chrome offers you “I can bet” kind of performance results. You can create instant bookmarks and application shortcuts so that you don’t have to go at the ‘recently’ used list again and again. Chrome offers you safe browsing and large viewing area for a much more convenient browsing.
Google chrome
Blank spaces: Google Chrome is ranked one by most of the web developer at the present time. It is a complete ‘10/10’ browser with just a few back logs. Chrome does not possess the feature of Parental control and Mouse gestures; it even lacks calling and email support for the help and troubleshoot issues.

Opera Mini Web Browser

Opera mini is browsing software with built in swift JavaScript engine that makes your web browsing experience fast and smooth. It is loaded with the important feature of Opera Dragonfly that offers integrated debugging to the web developers. Opera is integrated with high resolution Vega graphics library that swiftly loads even the pages which have lots of pictures. For a quick browsing this browser also offers you the Speed dial facility by which you can easily navigate through the vast tools and services just by pressing the assigned key.
Opera Browser
Blank spaces: Opera mini is almost a complete package with just a few blank spaces. It does not provide the facility of open source development by which a user can share the source code to a community of volunteer programmers to improve the browser functionality. You can’t run this browser in the private mode to enhance the security parameter. Parental control feature is absent in this browser too.

Internet Explorer 9

Internet Explorer is a name since 1995. Internet explorer9 is the latest version introduced by Microsoft in March, 2011. This web browser is compatible with
• Windows Vista Service pack 2
• Windows 7
• Windows Server 2008 R2
This browser does not support Windows XP and the later versions. For a more advanced User interface IE9 is loaded with Security enabled Download manager and Add on Performance Advisor that indicates which third party add-on is sloping down the performance of the browser and then allows you to delete them. It is integrated with a brilliantly fast Java script engine named as Chakra to offer a much fast internet browsing speed. This browser also provides the amazing feature of parental control for a much customizable browsing session.
Internet explorer
Blank spaces: no doubt that internet explorer has always ruled the browser’s world but now it is facing a effective competition by the other competitors. IE9 is not compatible with windows XP & Mac OS. It does not provide the features of Spell check, continuous download manager, voice interaction and Mouse gestures to the user.

Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox is powerful browser available to the users in 85 different languages. It is packaged with Jager Monkey Java Script engine that supports the ECMA Script 5; this high performance package decreases the page load time and sharp graphic view. This browse facilitates you with the advanced feature of Firefox Synchronization that empowers you to synchronize or transfer your all browsing history, passwords, cookies, current page and just anything related to your Firefox browser from your desktop to your mobile device. Mozilla empowers its user to have fluidic video experience with the commanding set of graphics.
Firefox Mozilla
Blank spaces: Mozilla took a large initial startup time and Navigation time as compared to all other leading web browsers that makes the browsing experience a bit down. This browser does not provide the facility to see the preview of the thumbnails for a brief navigation of website.
I hope that you will now be much more confident about choosing your browser. Choose the perfect browser according to your requirement, every browser would have some back logs so select the one whose maximum features matches your condition list of choosing. I had provided you the links with every browser from where you can easily download it.

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Written by Williams Heilmann


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