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Flat Icons Set: Download Latest Flat Iconsets Free

Flat design is the simple two dimensional design with short theme and bright colors. On the basis of flat design the icons are developed. The icon sets cover all the ideas and concepts that can be utilized for the web application, email messaging and lots more. These icons are available in different sizes so that the user can publish them at any screen, which is very user-friendly in delivering the adoptive as well as responsive designs. Let’s have a glance at the below given Flat Icon set. Every icon of different set is defined so that user has the idea that where to use that icon.

Flat Icon Set of Toolbars

Flat Icon Set of Toolbars
Flat Icon Set of Toolbars shows the huge collection of command buttons that generally used for emails application, mobile web applications and messaging apps. You can use these design not only in software , but also in the content to convey the message.

Attachment Flat Icon

Attachment Icon

The attachment icon conveys that selecting the file of any format and publish it with message, mail or contents.

Flat Star icon

Star Icon

The flat star icon the depict the priority/quality/performance. Poor quality gets less star or no stars, or in the email application, the mail which has the star is very important and in terms of performance more stars means good or excellent service.

Flat Tag Icon

Tag Icon

Tag Flat icon is used to specify the identification of the any entity. It is generally used in social networking profile to tag the object or in the content services to mark the content.

Flat Icon for Heart

Heart Icon

Heart icon reveals the loving emotion, importance, and lots more. It can be used in many media like in messaging, in organizing mail or in tagging too.

Download this fresh Icon set. Every icon has different sizes to offer a lot of options to fit in any type of content in a hassle free way. You will be amazed by the quality of the content or theme, published with the icon set.

Flat Icon Set of Latest Technologies Themes

Technology Flat Icon Set
The latest technologies such as Android, Apple tablet, Black berry and iPhone have covered more than 50% digital markets. The latest technologies icon set is a cool set of icon depicting the operating system and hardware of these technologies. Using this icon to display the content or application compatibility, or to state the use of these technologies at certain circumstance.

Android Flat Icon

Android Flat Icon

Android Flat icon is the astonishing icon that enhances any type of screen and match with a lot of applications that uses the entity of Android in various cases.

Flat Icon for iPad

iPad Flat Icon

The current trends are of the digital where we witness lots of gadgets. iPad comes top most priority so the iPad icon is useful to display that which accessory is made for iPad and in other conditions.

Flat iPhone Icon

iPhone Flat Icon

The Flat iPhone icon is designed to embellish any web application screen that state the particular application/hardware compatibility.

Blackberry Icon

Blckberry Flat Icon

The blackberry Flat icon is wonderfully designed that give the royal looks to the theme. It is very simple and enhance the contents.

This icon set has been crafted with lots of care. The design of the icon will render the screen of any type whether it is a mobile device or it is a desktop. Download these icons and forget the ordeal that you may face while developing the web content.

Flat Icon Set of Web Browsers

Web Browser Flat Icon Set
Flat icon set of web browsers is the collection of the most utilized browser application icons. These icons depict the technical message and beautify the screen. Let’s have a glance on the icon set.

Internet Explorer Flat Icon

IE Flat Icon

The Internet Explorer is developed by Microsoft. Now ,it has lots of users all over the world. Most of the users love to own the iconic figure of the internet explorer so this for them to groom the screen.

Flat Icon of Google Chrome

Chrome Flat Icon

The Google chrome is the light weight and free web browser. The Google chrome flat icon is designed with a very simple background. This icon will definitely enhance the display.

Mozilla Firefox Flat Icon

Mozilla Flat Icon

Mozilla Firefox flat icon is designed with lots of care. The design of this icon suits any kind of background and themes.

Flat Icon Safari

Safari Flat Icon

The Flat Icon safari is one of the excellently created the icons. It has very simple and attractive design that user will adore this.

The above flat icon has been adorned with both simplicity and trend. These icons can be used in wide varieties of applications and contents. Implementing all these icons will definitely stun the audience.

Flat Icon Set of Dollar Currency

Dollar Flat Icon Set

Dollar currency Flat icon set presents the stunning collection of Dollar icon with amazing display. These all icons are crafted to suit the trending styles and different shapes. Let’s have the glimpse on these icons. These icons can be used to craft online payment form, E-commerce site and lots more.

Circular dollar Flat Icon Set

Dollar Flat Icons

This circular dollar icon style is very well-crafted to suit the every screen with varieties of background.

Flat Dollar Icon with Note

Dollar Icon

Here on this icon a note is displayed. From this design , you can have an idea that how much difficulties did the designer face while crafting the style for this icon.

Flat Dollar Icon Depicting Coin Bag

icon set dollar

This flat dollar icon reflects the ancient dollar bag that most of the people used to own. This icon grooms trending style greatly.

Piggy Bank Flat Icon

piggy icon

This piggy bank icon will surely remind you of your childhood days , when you used to collect the coins until it is full. When needed then used the collected money in the bank to buy concerned items. It was the sweetest moments.

These icons have been developed with a perfect amalgamation of ancient and contemporary style. Here, you can download this set without caring much about the layout of the content because they are available in various sizes.


These flat icon sets are designed for not only crafting the screen , but can also be used in various applications and web content. Hope that you like this Flat Icon set, which is the most stunning icon please share your views with us through the comment section given below. Stay connected for the future updates.

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