Picture Perfect: 5 WordPress Plugins For Image Galleries

NextGEN Gallery

This gallery plugin comes with everything you need to make a fully-fledged image gallery. You can use templates to setup your images, and there is a slideshow option to easily let people look through each of your images. You can also add JavaScript effects and CSS styles to the images via this plugin.

Aside from that, there are features to help protect your gallery. You can add a watermark to each image, and the batch upload is optimized to help you upload images without any lagging.

Lazyest Gallery

Touted as the easiest gallery plugin, this plugin does most of the work for you. All you really need to do is direct the plugin to your images and tell it what page to show on, and Lazyest Gallery will do everything else. But, that’s not all. There are many other features you get if you choose this plugin.

You can watermark your images, show a slideshow of your images and you can combine this plugin with the other Lazyest plugins, like “Lazyest Widget” and “Lazyest Backup.”

Flickr Gallery

Millions of people use Flickr to upload and store their images, and you can now easily share those images through this WordPress gallery plugin. There are many display options, such as showing images that have a certain tag or only showing certain user galleries. You can even embed Flash movies via this plugin.

This can also help your bandwidth, as Flickr would take most bandwidth load while your website is able to show the image.

Featured Content Gallery

While this isn’t great for huge image galleries, it does make a rotating gallery anywhere on your website. You can display images, posts or anything else via the rotating gallery. The gallery can be customized by size, style colour and many other options.

This is a great way to get people excited about your posts or images by showing them something that is practically unavoidable. Since people love movement, they will feel compelled to look through the entire carousel, which can help get more traffic on your featured pages.

Dynamic Content Gallery

This is similar to Featured Content Gallery, but with one major difference: it dynamically changes itself. If you have any traffic to your WordPress site, then you are sure to have some pages that are more popular than other ones.

This plugin will automatically display those popular images and posts in the gallery, which will bring further attention to them. You can also set featured images in the gallery as well.

Having a gallery is great, but it can be hard to make. But, with these five plugins in your arsenal, you should be able to set your gallery up within a few minutes. Just choose one, upload the images and transform your WordPress site for the best.

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