The Google Blacklist: Origin + Test out + Remedy

When we create a new website and spend hours designing it; we expect to get to the peak of search engine results. But to make this happen quickly we sometimes mistakenly adopt the ill methods that can make the situation worse for the growth of our website. Your any illegal method to popularize your web page can empower the search engines to ‘Blacklist’ your website.

‘Blacklist’ means that the search engine portals will not scroll your websites for search results; it means that your website will never be visible in the search results; it means that your website is officially dead. Horrifying? It is the worst dream of any web developer but the more perturbing part of this dream is that you will never get any notification if you are in the Blacklist.

Now you surely will be raising a lot of questions like; what are the ill factors that can dump any website into the Blacklist? How can I check whether I am on that list or not? I am in the blacklist 🙁 what now?

Let’s discuss your every question sequentially to clarify your every doubt. The below discussed topics are a ‘must to have’ knowledge packs for every web developer.

What are the ill factors that can dump any website into the Blacklist?

 It is really an important and general question raised by every website developer. When we talk about ‘Blacklist’; we are actually talking about the punishment given to a web developer by the search engine portals for using unfair means to head over a spotlight on its web work. These unfair means can be:

  • Hiding the links and texts- sometime we mistakenly chose the color of any URL or content just the same as that of the background; this approximately hides that content from the user. Some websites deliberately use this technique to make fools of the users.
  •  Excess use of Ctrl C + Ctrl V- content is the prime constituent of any website. To get high on the search result we sometime copy the content of popular websites. This plagiarism can easily detect by Google and hence you could be a member of ‘Blacklist’.
  • Illegal Material- use of illegal materials like unauthorized pornography, banking and networking can put the Black cap on your website. So never try these activities even once as Google is a way more sensitive than your imagination to this type of content.

 How can I check whether I am in the Blacklist or not?

Google did not give you any notification after blocking you from the search results so it could really harm your visitor traffic and hence can completely ruin your website. To find out the way to find out the status of your web page in the Google search is a hassle; but not anymore as to answer this question I would like to present you a list of tools by which you can easily find out the current status of your website.

The Abusive Hosts Blocking List


ABHL or Abusive Hosts blocking list is a database collection of hosts that are marked as the ill hosts because of their abuses like spam, UCE, UBE, cracking attacks and lots more on the internet. It is one of the most popular Blacklist checking tools and only requires the IP address of the host to produce the results. Besides with identifying the error it also tells you the source and remedies for it.



It is the most accurate block list checking tool that checks the IP or Domain for errors in the LHSBL Blacklists. This tool tells you the current status of your webpage and also tells you the reason if the page is blocked by any of the search portals. The result of this checking is pretty much accurate and speedy as compared to other options.

MX Tool Box


MX tool box is a website that comprises of every useful features like Blacklist Lookup, Diagnostics, Analyze header and lot more to give you a complete report of the status of your website. This tool even facilitates you with the service of ‘Free Monitoring’ by which you won’t have to worry about the status of your website; MX tool will automatically notify you for any error in future.

Webmaster Tools

google webmaster

It is the premium way to get the complete report of your website in visibility criteria of Google search results. This tool from Google provides diagnoses for your every query and errors.

CRAB!!! I am in the blacklist 🙁 But what to do now?

If this question belongs to you then I hope that you now know why you are in the Blacklist party. Don’t get tensed! Take a chill pill as I am going to tell you some ways by which you can turn the light ‘Green’ in search results.


This website is helpful in resolving the problems related to email sending and receiving. You have to complete an ISP form if you are not a member of Verizon online member and if you are a member than a membership form is needed to get filled.


It is one of the best ways to remove your IP address from the Blacklist. This tool offers you a wide range of options to unblock your web page. So just select the most appropriate option according to your source of error and leave the rest on this tool


If your error contains the error code BL000000 then this tool is the best way to get rid off from the Blacklist. To use this service you will be asked to fill a Block list removal form and you will get the results within 30 minutes.

I hope that after reading this post you will now be ready to even write your note in the same topic. I would be encouraged by hearing your comments and reviews about my work. Stay Unique – stay organized that’s all you need to be in the creaminess results of a Google search.

What do you think?

Written by Williams Heilmann


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