The Digital Marketing Guide to Tackle Your Online Business

Promotion is a marketing tool that makes the buyer aware of services and products they offer, and also convince them to buy these services/products.

The 21st century has seen the rise of a new kind of marketing platform for promoting products/services- the Internet. It’s a powerful medium for promoting any service or business, this digital marketing tool is too powerful and impactful as it reaches to billions of people in mere seconds.

The communication and promotion that is done through the internet are known as digital marketing and this is the future. Thus, it is imperative that every business makes efforts to promote their products digitally.

Below we can find various tool and concepts, which will help you establish a good digital hold on your audience making the digital marketing easy.

So read on the digital marketing guide to tackle your online business.

Making a Website

Build a website for your business which has the basic information about your business, company and the products/services you are going to provide. This website is the first step towards starting your digital marketing journey. Through the site, you can reach billions of Internet users who will have access to your product details and contact information which makes it easier for them to trust your services. Creating a website with WordPress is very easy. Here, you can check the complete guide to build a WordPress website.

Buy a Domain Name

Registering your domain name is the first and legal way to build a website. If your brand is already popular register it as a domain name or if it’s new, then select any creative name for registering. is one of the registrars where for a nominal fee you get your domain name.

Website Hosting

Hosting your website means to create server space and IP address for it on the World Wide Web i.e. WWW. The biggest benefit of this is the page loading speed which is essential for the website performance and SEO rankings. and are two popular providers of hosting among others.

Content Creating and Website Designing

The next step is to design the website layout and create content. The content should be well-written and should be relevant to the subject of the article. Content is the king and if written well can increase your ranking and popularity of the website.
If designing is not your forte, you can take the help of WordPress. This is a great tool for developing a website with easy tool and plugins for every function of the website.


The traffic of our website depends on the search engine through keywords that people type on Google or Bing. Keywords are 4-5 words phrases that are the most searched by the users on a particular topic. Your website should be search engine friendly by incorporating such keywords that are popular. This and other techniques used for making a website search-engine friendly for more traffic are known as Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Search Engine Marketing

To guarantee that enough traffic comes to your website, you can pay the search engine to show your site on the top of the search when typed in the relevant keywords. The number of times your website is clicked upon after being displayed in the search engine is chargeable by the search engine. This model is known as Pay per click model. This whole process is search engine marketing which is a crucial marketing tool for the digital platform. Google Adwords is one such tool.

Email Marketing

An important digital marketing tool, this means sending email to prospective clients which contains promotional content for your product/services. For this, the company has a database of emails and different tools that analyze the percentage of opened mail, bounce rare, effectiveness of mail, etc.

Social Media Marketing

Everyone has a social media account whether on Facebook or twitter or Instagram or all. And, this gives a huge platform to the companies for promoting their product. Social media is a powerful tool since it can target a lot of like-minded people and promotions become easy for the business, even generating more traffic for your website. For social media, you can use tools like Canva that can help you get the right images designed within seconds.

Web Analytics

This is a crucial tool in digital marketing that can track the user’s online activities regarding your product/services. From their behavior to the location to age group and gender, all data can be collected using web analytics tool. This helps in figuring out your target audience, their behavior and how to appeal them more. Information like which site was visited by the user before your website can also be tracked.

Some other tools that are used for digital marketing which are not yet explored to the full potential are:

  • Mobile app: convenient and user-friendly they are applications designed for a specific function.
  • Universal Analytics: is a technology that displays the same search engine result for a thing on the mobile phone that was displayed on the laptop. This tech is great as all the devices are interconnected through id of the user thus making it easier to track the user’s online activities.
  • E-commerce: have payment getaways thus ensuring that there are more platforms to buy the product. This has a lot of potential in the future.

Dig into the deep world of digital marketing and learn the basic to start away immediately as this is the future of business and you don’t want to be left behind.

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