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Pros and Cons of the New Gmail Design

Over the years, this platform has continued to evolve and users such as my essay writer professionals have had different experiences that come along with these changes. The newest design for Gmail particularly has had its own pros and cons as discussed below:

Pros of the New Gmail Design

The new Gmail design organizes and stacks conversations into threads. Your emails get grouped automatically based on the subject line. For security reasons, Gmail has a robust virus and malware checking. Over and above these, here are other benefits that come with Gmail:

  • A one-stop portal for file storage, blogging, YouTube, calendaring, photo hosting and financial advice among other things. Ideally, Google puts together all of its main features into the Gmail navigation bar for ease of access.
  • Over 10GB of email storage that is more than would be required by most people. That leaves users with no push to delete any of their documents, files, and threads.
  • An email capacity of 25MB. That means Gmail will support an email with 25 megabytes of attachments to it making a good choice for such instances.
  • Good uptime. This is the number of days per year that the service is up and running. There are hardly any crashes at the site.
  • Various rich text features for composing new emails. You can use stylish fonts, hyperlinks, bullets, emotions, and the ability to post photos into the message directly.
  • POP3 and the ability to combine various email boxes into your account. You will be able to connect to other online email boxes and use them with your identity from Gmail.
  • Keystrokes shortcuts are available for hardcore typists. This speeds up mail composition. Pressing “C”, for instance, helps in composing a new email.
  • All emails are scanned and identification is done for unsolicited email through patterns. This makes spam handling great.
  • Google is a powerful parent for Gmail and that makes it a reliable service to use especially by Thesisrush experts due to the backing of fulltime staff.
  • Messages done via Gmail get delivered very quickly unlike in other emailing platforms. Users benefit from almost instant-messaging.

Cons of the New Gmail Design

Even with the many benefits that come with the new Gmail design, there are downsides to it. Here are some of the notable challenges:

  • A small screen for reply messages. Gmail shows advertising to the right side of your reply window. This leaves you with insufficient space for viewing.
  • Gmail provides users with labels and not folders. Labels help in organizing messages but most people prefer folders.
  • There is no option to undelete something you might have deleted by mistake.
  • Gmail has a plain appearance and generally boring.

Final Thoughts

There is no doubt that Gmail continues to be king of webmail expectations. However, it is aging – there is no clear-cut to its leadership in the webmail circles as the case was in the past.

What do you think?

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