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Joomla: Overview and Evolution of an Esteemed Open Source CMS Tool

By using a proper content management system one is free from the headaches of managing the content of their site everytime. Thus, every website needs to run by a successful content management system and to name the most popular we suggest JOOMLA.

What All About Joomla Is? An Overview

Among the list of various eminent content management systems Joomla is an awarded open source that facilitates to build your site extensively with functional applications availing greater control in the hand of user to manage its features well. Joomla is user friendly software that provides an ease to the user for managing site without any issues.

The most advantageous part of Joomla as CMS platform its availability to the users as an open source. It is available for free on internet and any one can download and use it for managing content of the website. Joomla comes with a special Model View Controller app structure that enables to use it separately too. Joomla is easy software coded in PHP with the use of object oriented coding methods and designs which can be easily operated without hard core coding knowledge. Websites using Joomla as their CMS tool stores data in MySQL storage folder that avails features like print view version, blogging, RSS feeds, view polls, search box, support system, page cache, and news feed flash. Joomla is software that supports numerous international languages that helps in maintaining your site by reaching maximum number of people.

Joomla as the Popular CMS – An Evolution

Joomla with its very first version came into existence on 16th of September, 2005. This time joomla was actually a re- acknowledged version of Mambo software which was a much popular piece in e-commerce and website business with its medium pace of security and bug methodologies. On 22nd January, 2008 Joomla 1.5 swept over the markets with its feature full designing approach and high end security. On 10th of January, 2011 Joomla 1.6 came into existence by providing complete control to access the site with great functions and user friendly step by step hierarchy and improved admin control and support interface.

The latest Launch Joomla 1.7.0 is a fully embedded CMS platform with extraordinary security systems and best navigation tools for the end users. This version has been launched on 19th of July, 2011 exactly after 6 months of its earlier version with latest and better features. This version avails a great sense of security to the users as well as the website owner sue to which people are considering it as the most promising version to operate e-commerce sites and online stores. With better navigation system 1.7.0 has gained lot of praises from users the programmers within a week of its release.

With the all of the eminent benchmarks made by Joomla 1.7.0, there are endless expectation set with the next version of Joomla 1.8.0 from programmers, website owners and customers. The next version is expected to be released in January 2012 with extensive features and usability.

In-Depth Story of Joomla as a CMS – Its Basic Features

Joomla is the only content management tool used widely in every field in order to build all kind of websites including most complex and high end features. This is an open source of CMS which is one of the biggest reasons for its popularity is its medium of availability that makes it widely used by people from all over the world. It is handy and easy to use. As it is open source anyone with an internet connection can download for free. In order to manage the content of your website one do not need to have great amount of programming knowledge, anyone even with little awareness of web development and designing can easily create a great site with Joomla. With all of its exciting features and advantages it has become the first choice of the users as a necessary tool for web development.

Below we are telling about some of the advance features provided by Joomla

-> Joomla is an extensive web tool that comes with an online editor with its installation. This editor proves supportive to CMS solutions and avail semantic coding for successful web site development. With this tool one can expect lesser chances of programming errors.

-> Another facility that one can have with Joomla is various customized templates. Joomla facilitates the website owner to develop a site with feature full customized themes according to their choice and preference.

-> Joomla is a helpful tool that comes with various user friendly features. It is easy to install and use as one without full fledge knowledge of coding can work on it.

-> Most of the time while providing codes for our web development we fail to find URLs to written and pasted for programming; here Joomla comes with a URL rewriting support tool that remembers the endless urls typed y the programmer and automatically produce the required one.

-> By using joomla it is really easy to create great connection with the client as it comes with a tool to manage the proper contacts with the clients on regular basis with auto-connect method. In this way one can stay connected with the client and make prosperous relation for business extension.

-> With Joomla the developer get special features like Inventory manage structure, data coverage devices, product category description, tools to communicate with client and integrated e-commerce methods.

-> Joomla is a great software that provides an online poll and support that proves beneficial for exploring the thoughts of the users with their polls. On the basis of these polls one can modulate the changes in the website and make it more interactive according to the user.

-> Joomla provides support to multi-number of languages that connects endless number of people all over the world using this tool win their respective languages. It provides access to large number of people at a time.

Apart from its basic features Joomla is CMS tool that comes with an enormous range of functionality for a website. One can have simple as well as complex web development with Joomla. This is web tool that can be used for all kind of websites like commercial websites, websites for corporate purposes, industries, non profitable units, educational bodies, and many more.

Usage and Popularity of Joomla

With a vast and ever growing bright community backing this popular source of CMS available openly, Joomla has evidently emerged out as the user’s friendly application for all web aspirations. This wonderful application started with a supporting number of 2000 people that has turned up over 200,000 users and providers. It is an opportune tool for web development for which it has been rewarded as the best CMS platform.

One with basic knowledge of computers can easily manages and also create website using Joomla as CMS platform. To provide support to new people working on web coding Joomla comes with an online support body organized by the eminent Joomla developers aim at providing support to the novice people working on this technology. With this support system joomla has become much more popular as one can get answers to their related queries online.

Today, there are various companies proffering services in Joomla installation to make the work easily done in lesser time. There are numerous web hosting companies availing their services in joomla installation by offering easy single click download and integration of your site into Joomla CMS, getting the desired site ready to run and use in passage of few minutes only. Joomla is a very easy CMS platform due to which it has become the likeable tool for web developers and designers to generate web layouts easily in less amount of time with outlandish features.

Among the main users of Joomla around the world are basically from these categories

-> Governmental administrative applications

-> Industrial and corporate intra-net and external-networks

-> E-commerce/e-stores/online shopping and online reservations for all purposes

-> Small and big production online face

-> Portals for community foundations

-> Online media sites like of e-magazines, e-newspapers, and other publications houses

-> Websites related schools/colleges/ institutional centers and spiritual centre bodies

-> Web portals for nonprofit bodies like welfare association and society support organizations

-> Web pages for personal purposes

Ex-Tensive use of Joomla- Popular Extensions/Plug-ins

Joomla has been widely accepted as a great medium of making the web presence of your business and services on World Wide Web. There are many companies and institutions who wish to get excel services beyond basic services provided by Joomla set. To cater such requirements, there are endless power-pack add-ons/extensions/ plug-ins developed by the developers to make the integration of web layouts in sophisticated manner with a different framework. With the help of this extension one can actually create most effective web site proving their edge in their respective industries.

Some of the popular extensions from Joomla Family are

Community Builder


Community Builder is one highly popular extension from Joomla that avails the best ways operate social networking in fat and easy manner. This solution attaches your site with numerous social networks and creates a great connection between you and potential users.




JCE this plug-in or extension from joomla helps in editing the content perfectly with its WYSIWYG editing apparatus.


virtual mart

VirtueMart this extension from Joomla helps in expanding the trade of your e-store with its helpful, user friendly and secure virtuous features.



SH404SEF is an extension beneficial for SEO management for your site to improve the ratings of your site through SEO text tools.

Akeeba BackUp


Akeeba BackUp is a plug-in from Joomla that works as a back-up managing device for your site. Through this quality feature one can actually maintain save the back-up of your site content with its docs, snapshots and other parts too.

Joomla xplorer


Joomla xplorer is an add-on from joomla that known as a file relocate process manager helps in directing various files on server for uploading, search-on, copy, edit, file rename and delete.

Phoca Gallery

phoca gallery

Phoca Gallery is a great add-on to display the various pictures on your site in endless appealing ways. One can even see the pictures on the site in a slideshow manner with this add-on.

Extended Menu


There are a number of menu addons available for Joomla content management system. Extended Menu system is both powerful and functional. However, novices may wish to steer clear of this add-on as set out can be a little technical.

Joomla stats


JoomlaStats is a Joomla component that will make tracking statistics very easy. Furthermore, since total Joomla integration is possible this is an excellent addition to your site.

Popular Websites Using Joomla for Their Effective Web Presence

There are number of websites highly popular in their respective in their field using Joomla integration as their platform for CMS. Here we are showcasing the most popular sites maintained with Joomla and its high end extensions:

MTV Networks Quizilla (Social networking)

MTV network quizilla


IHOP (Restaurant chain)


Harvard University (Educational)


The Green Maven (Eco-resources)

the green maven

Outdoor Photographer (Magazine)

outdoor photographer
source (Cultural)

play shakespere

Senso Interiors (Furniture design)

Senso Interiors


To some all about Joomla we can say it is a great web application useful for launching your aspired web pages on internet with the help secure, safe and open interface. With minimal knowledge of programming any one can uphold and create web layouts using Joomla. Joomla is easy to use and its integration is time savvy. Apart from its exciting features it comes up with various useful plug-ins/add-ons/extensions proving additionally helpful in many ways.

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Written by Steven Bowen


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