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ExpressionEngine Vs. WordPress – Find Out The CMS That Meets Your Need

As a user who need an appropriate content management system to create and run a website of your choice, you must have enough knowledge about the features and solutions offered by these two CMSs. Apart from that, you should also understand your requirements in terms of what you are looking from a particular CMS. Once you understand what exactly you want from your content management system, then only you can choose a perfect one for accomplishing your requirements.

Let me first start with WordPress and throw some light on what kinds of websites you can create with this particular content management system.

1. If you want to concentrate on blogging alone

If you are looking ahead for developing a website only for the blogging purpose, then WordPress is something that is truly made for you. In other words, if your business requirements from your websites are largely associated with blogging, you should only stick to WordPress. As a small business, it is better if you take blogging seriously as it can prove to be really crucial for establishing your image in the industry.
If you want to enhance your WordPress experience, there are enough of plugins for that.

2. If you want a simple website that talks about your business

Other types of websites for which you should pick WordPress are Brochure-Type Websites. These are the kind of websites that give ample information to the visitors about your business. That means if you have absolutely no plans of developing an e-commerce website that sells products, but wants a site that looks like a brochure then only go head with WordPress.

3. Choose WordPress if you want to save time and money

If you do not want to invest a heavy amount of money in design and want to save time as well then WordPress is really important for you. Considering the fact that WordPress is an open source platform most of the businesses and individuals opt for it when they just have to develop simple and sober websites. The best part of working with WordPress is that you can easily alter the theme or the design of your website, wherein all the effort that you require are few clicks.
You will be happy to know that premium WordPress themes are priced only between $30 – $99.

Now let’s shift our focus to ExpressionEngine or EE

1. Choose ExpressionEngine for e-commerce websites

If your main intention behind developing a website is to sell your products then nothing remains better than EE to you. In other words, if you want to sell your products online then you must develop a stunning e-commerce website by using EE. ExpressionEngine is a CMS that is entirely designed with a purpose or intent of selling products, and hence, it offers startling solutions to businesses. On the other hand, you can never sell your products through a WordPress website until and unless you use a required plugin for it.

As far as plugins are concerned, you will find a large number of them for EE as well. So if you are ready to invest some extra money in order to create an outstanding e-commerce website just go for ExpressionEngine.

2. Go for EE if you are looking for membership control for content

As a content management system, EE offers great solutions to businesses for managing the content on their websites. EE’s membership module allow the owners to control the distribution of content on the websites as per their requirements. EE offers you with the solution to create Multiple levels of membership so that only required groups can take full control of the content.

3. Security

As a site owner, you always look for stringent security measures when it comes to protecting your website. And the good thing is that EE offers you the same. In other words, EE is one of the best content management systems in the world when it comes to providing strict security.

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