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Free Online Trend Tracking Tools | Collection of Best SEO Tracking Tools

SEO Tracking Tools: The internet is a very volatile world; the things can change here in a day, hour or even after every single second. To be on the top of the list; every developer, designer or a business needs to get updated with the every latest change or refresh.

You too belong to the the category of these online geeks? Do you too afraid of missing the important happenings around the world? You keep tracking the popular and crowned keywords to be in the flow with the trend? Your browser’s history is overflowing with Discussion and news forums?

If your answer to these questions is green then it is quite sure that you are damn serious about your work and you too finds a lot of hassle while chasing these happenings and updates.
But no more!
To make you free from the hassle of exploring hundreds of websites and forums to get the latest updates; today I am providing you the list of ‘Free online trend tracking tool’. These free tools can make you updated with the popular keywords, YouTube viral videos, Facebook and Twitter trending updates. These SEO tools will keep refreshing you with every minute by minute online updates.

Google Trends

Google Trend

Google trend is a subunit website on Google that represents the total search volume of the entered keyword to the total search volume across the globe. This free online trend tracking tool also facilitates you to compare the search density of two closely related keywords. This tool could be very useful for the bloggers and SEO.

Google Trends Hot Searches

Google Trend Hot Search

Google Trend hot search is yet another amazing tool by the aid of which you can see the most popular searched keywords. You can purify your results for different countries including India, United States, Japan and Singapore. These keyword search lists are refreshed by the search interest of the users over the past 24 hours. This is a perfect tool to follow the upcoming trend and attract more flood of users.

Wordtracker Top Keywords

Word Tracker

This free online trends tracking tool provides the list of both long term and short term popular keywords with their search volume. The long term list provides the list of top 500 popular searches over the last 365 days; whereas the short term list provides the list of top 500 popular keywords over the last 48 hours.


Tweet Stats

Tweet Stats is a very impressive Free online trend tracking tool for twitter. Tweet stats present you two data charts that illustrates the popular Twitter updates. The first chart comprises of the top 10 current day trends and the second chart tells the current hot trends. You can join the most popular  trends and conversations with the help of this tool.


Trends Map

Wouldn’t it be so amazing if we could join the popular tweets of our local area? All thanks to this Free online twitter trend tracking tool that facilitates the user to see the most trendy tweets according to the geographical area. By the help of this Trendsmap tool you can follow the local tweeters and conversation and hence can expand your network.

Like Button

Like Button

Like Button is a very interesting and useful free online trend tracking tool by which you can see what is being liked the most on the internet. You can choose your favorite topic from the genre of categories that includes news, forums, questions, an entertainment and lot more. This is stated as the Facebook version of the TweetStats which provides you an easy to follow only the appropriate stuff according to your work.

YouTube Trends Dashboard

You Tube Trend

Videos are the latest and most effective way to represent your message or information. Users and customers prefer to watch a 5 min video rather than reading 10 pages of the common information. You Tube Trend is a Free online video trend tracking tool that offers you the playlist of the most shared and watched videos. Icing the cake; you can choose the videos from a wide array of categories and then compare two different videos. This online trend tracking tool can be used to predict the popular subject taste of the audience.


Buzz Feed

BuzzFeed is the most popular online web trend tracking tool. It provides you the detail information about the most popular topics and content on the internet. You can choose your favorite category from the list of options. It also facilitates you to watch the viral videos, pictures and other data which are rocking the popularity charts.

I hope you that these free online trend tracking tools will help you to maximize the traffic figures on your web page. In my upcoming posts I will provide you more useful SEO tools for different genres that can save your time and provide you the peak results. You are welcome to share your views and comments about my work.

Keep tracking Webgranth for more information and tools for the Web World.

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