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Concrete5 CMS- A Substitute For The BIG Names

The content management system is the backbone of every website. It has saved the web developers to write pages of codes for the website. The latest CMS has simplified the tasks of website creation and maintenance to an extent that even the newbie non-tech users can do it without any hassle.

Concrete5 CMS is a very effortless to install and maintain with the easy customizable user interface. You can use this CMS for any genre of websites including Personal sites; Blogspot, eCommerce and portfolio sites. This MVC/OOP centric CMS is integrated with the WYSIWYG editor and native flash support that offers you to easily manipulate the data on your web page.

Guess what! You can add and delete the content by the easy ‘drag and drop’ functionality of the Concrete5 CMS. Concrete5 is SEO friendly content management systems that offer native SEO with the aid of pre-formatted dynamic HTML tags, RSS syndication and clean URLs.



Get started with your Concrete5 CMS after downloading it by clicking on the provided download button.

Concrete5 Download Link

Now open the application and you will be directed to the startup window that seems like the picture pasted below.

Concrete5 Startup Page

The startup page elaborates the overview of you web page incorporated with toolbox at the top of the widow. This welcome page allows you to change the overview of the page by simply clicking the content box.



The interface of concrete5 is almost similar to the interface of other content management system with a few additional traits. The interface constitutes different sub-options that can be easily used to modify the settings of the website. These sub parts are discussed briefly below

Sitemap: This window provides the overall status of your website. You can easily navigate through all the files and script present from this site map. It is a read only data so you can’t alter the data from this window.


File Manager: File manager allows you to manage the files and data of your website from a single place. Beside with adding and deleting the files; you can even create and restore the backup of all your content. Isn’t it great to have so much simple access? The additional feature of concrete 5 allows you to fix the access permission of the files differently to your different users.

File Manager

Report: This part of the interface constitutes all the details and log of the activities occurred on your page. These details are configured and calculated automatically by the Concrete5 CMS. You can change the frequency of the surveys according to your requirement.


Users and Groups:This section of interface empowers you to manage all the users present in your website. You can even assign the scope of access for different users according to their rank and work. This trait helps you to manage the backend of your web page more efficiently. This whole process is as simple as managing friends on your Facebook profile.

Users and Groups

Scrapbook: Scrapbook can be considered as a diary to keep the useful information. You can make this information available for the public read after installing the public script. You can also selectively provide the access authorization for specific users or group. This feature of Concrete5 CMS is very useful while developing the websites as you can immediately save and share the unlimited no. of notes with your team.


Pages and Themes: Appearance is always the prime point to concern while designing a website. Concrete5 CMS allows you to choose the most suitable page layout according to your website for instance if you are designing an eCommerce websites than you will surely in need of large portfolio windows whereas when you design a personal blog you need a wide writing space.

Concrete5 has 3 preloaded themes that can be implemented to give a simple yet attractive look to your profile. You can also download hundreds of extra themes from the website of this CMS only. These all websites are tested and provide an impressive look to your web page.

Pages and Themes

Add functionality

Add-ons are a beautiful way to garnish the functionality as well as the beauty of your website. From this section of Add functionality you can easily add plugins, themes, JQuery image tools and lot more other add-ons to your web page. To manage all the Additional installs at one place you can FTP the required place and they will be redirected to the window showed below.

Add functionality

System and maintenance

This section of the Concrete5 CMS constitutes the options like Cache Files, Backup; CMS updating etc. you can easily check the default setting and can navigate through the CMS custom settings from this window.

System and maintenance

Site wide Settings

In this section you can easily modify the settings of your websites including the Login interface and Feedback options. You can also integrate the RSS functionality to your website from this window section.

Site wide Settings

I hope you will be handful of knowledge about the Concrete5 CMS after going through this post. Please share your experience in the comment if you are using this content management system for your website. Feel free to give your reviews and raise any query about the topic.

Concrete5 CMS- A Substitute For The BIG Names

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Written by Tina Smith


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