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5 Advantages Of ExpressionEngine OVER WordPress

The two content management systems on which I am going to throw some light include ExpressionEngine and WordPress. The entire aim of writing this blog is to provide the users with some valuable information in terms of the advantages of ExpressionEngine over WordPress. It is true that both WordPress and ExpressionEngine are used by a wide range of people but that doesn’t mean both of them provide similar features and functionalities. There is a huge difference between how you interact with these content management systems and the kind of ease they provide to you in terms of content management.

ExpressionEngine OVER WordPress

Your website has the power or competence to make or break your business, so you need to be really cautious about the content management system that you choose for your project. Don’t just look at others what they are opting for (which content management system they are using), instead of that think about the benefits of the CMS you are selecting and how it can help you in maintaining your website and popularizing your business online. This simply means, be intelligent while choosing your content management system and nothing else.

Advantages of ExpressionEngine over WordPress

1. ExpressionEngine comes with simple users interface

ExpressionEngine which is designed and developed by the American software company EllisLab comes with a really simple user interface when compared to other content management systems.

Its user interface not only helps in simplifying the content creation process and in its proper management but eventually leads to the creation of user-friendly websites, which remain the major forces behind attracting the business these days.

When I say it has a simple user interface, it literally means that it can be used by anyone without having any technical knowledge.

2. It provides an amazing design flexibility

When it comes to the front-end design of your website, ExpressionEngine provides great flexibility to web designers. All those web designers who have worked with other content management systems would be able to figure out easily the kind of flexibility ExpressionEngine provides to them when it comes to creating a design of their choice.

Most of the content management systems out there including the WordPress inspire or motivate you to work according to a theme, wherein designers generally have to work backward. This forces them to compromise on the design they have in their mind and work according to the themes. However, if you use ExpressionEngine, you really don’t have to be bothered about the themes, and can design your website the way you want.

3. It has an easy-to-use control panel

The another interesting thing about ExpressionEngine is that it has a real simple-to-use control panel when compared to rest of the content management systems available in the market. And since it’s too simple, it can be swiftly used even by a non-technical person, when it comes to updating a website quickly.

It provides huge flexibility and support to content editors especially in terms of updating a right content at the right place, without bothering about harming anything else during the process.

With ExpessionEngine CMS, you do not have to be bothered about following the complex and irritating instructions when it comes to figuring out a piece of content on which you want to make changes.

4. It’s library of free and paid extensions is constantly increasing

Another crucial advantage of using this software is that it has an amazing library, which can be used by users for utilizing both free and paid extensions and modules. And the size of this library is increasing day by day, with the addition of new add-ons each passing day. These add-ons are used for simplifying the task of web developers when it comes to using them for CMS and dealing with spam posts.

5. It allows users to create SEO-friendly designs and content

Last but not the least, ExpressionEngine proves to be really helpful for its users when it comes to generating SEO-friendly designs and content. By doing so, this particular ExpressionEngine CMS plays a great role in terms of increasing your business online visibility.

So, now it’s clear why ExpressionEngine takes an edge over WordPress. The above-mentioned features state it loudly that ExpressionEngine is more advantageous than WordPress and various other content management systems.

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