Cloud Hosting Questions

There are many topics or questions that strike the mind while opting for web hosting and design packages. The ongoing trends of cloud hosting are surging with each passing day. So many companies have already adopted it and most of the firms are planning to get cloud hosting.

Here are a few topics surrounding hosting that will certainly be discussed

Q. Keep them separated, or not?

Ans: Many companies that have ported their infrastructure into the cloud have decided to use third-party services that are then tied to their domain at another provider- or to pieces of an application that are hosted in a different location. The question that always arises is if you are creating something to augment an application that you have hosted at your provider and you like the performance and security better at the new site, does it make sense to look at switching your entire website over or your entire stack over to the new provider? In practice, what consultants are seeing is that if the company that you are switching to, like Network Solutions, has a solid reputation that enhances the performance and security that you are seeing, then it might make sense to look at auditing and reviewing your overall Internet footprint.

Q. Can web design partners perform autonomously?

Ans: San Francisco is one of the hotbeds of technical development. And although mankind has been fighting over different management truths for the past several thousand years, they are currently in a mode where some industries believe that absolute outsourcing is not the most efficient way to get quality from the teams doing the job. So whether you are a large or small company, the thing to remember is that at companies like Genentech, they are bringing in-house people back on to manage the disparate groups that perform services for them. If you take this and apply it to your web design teams, having an in-house project manager may be a good way of ensuring that your ROI remains solid and your campaigns excel.

Q. Mobile application or universal website?

Ans: Another question that is sure to come up when you start talking to companies that provide professional web design is whether you need to have both a mobile application and a website with the same functionality, or whether you can get by with one or the other. Obviously, a business case will have to be made that shows different levels of return for each option. But beyond that, because a solid web designer knows how to quantify what customers are likely to do when they are working with your website or application, they become a resource regarding what type of engine you need in order to create the response that you want from your clientele. Currently, customers are happier with mobile applications. Getting them to use your mobile application is still not as easy as watching them use your applications on your website.

Overall, even though website design and hosting have been around for quite some time, there are still questions to be answered that can make a difference in your bottom line.

What do you think?

Written by Garry Smith

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