Importance of VoIP Technology in Improving Voice Communication

The growing popularity of networks among businesses who rented them out at the time, the 1980s brought with them an urge to bring this technology to the people. That is when the Personal Computer started gaining acknowledgment. Now, the computer owners could subscribe to an Internet Service Provider, such as AOL, dial into their networks via telephone lines, and pay by the minutes or hours of usage.

The Internet brought with it an abundance of innovation regarding communication. Obviously, there was email in the onset, but then people started pondering whether they could communicate in real-time. This brought about instant messaging, which made AOL the most popular provider. But, there were other nit-pickers who wanted a more personal connection and wanted to hear another person’s voice over the Internet in real time. This was the humble beginning of VoIP.

VoIP may not seem much to the average person – after all, most people these days have cell phones with plans low surcharges and fees for long-distance or international calls. Perhaps VoIP is not for every other person. When thinking about the pros of VoIP, it is important to consider its origins, and what it was intended for to begin with.

VoIP performs by transferring voice signals between IP address that is, signals had to be transformed into pieces of data that is small enough to transmit. Vocal samples from the sender are broken down into voice “packets,” which are given routing particulates are then sent to the receiving end. Simultaneously packets transmit one-by-one, then re-form as close to the original state as possible, producing one whole voice. This process compresses the voice signal, and subsequently decompresses the signal for the receiver. In elixir, VoIP allows computer users and businesses to make telephone calls from a desktop with a VoIP phone. Earlier VoIP versions produced distorted phone calls, lagging transmission, and dropped calls. The change in VoIP technology has made it more appealing for businesses and corporations not to deal with previous bugs. It offers services and benefits unparalleled by traditional and old fashioned phones. The main advantages of a VoIP solution for businesses are:

voip advantageIncreases Flexibility and Mobility

  1. The user can become more familiar with e-mail, fax, and remote conferencing over the Internet via the telephone. Thus enabling VoIP users to speak to somebody over the phone at the same time be able to access other applications, and the internet concurrently.
  2. Increased mobility assists corporate employees who are required to travel. Long distance VoIP calls are also comparatively cheaper than traditional mobile phone calls.

Increases Productivity

  1. When the word multi-task comes, rings the bell in my mind as it allows the employees to complete multiple errands without interruption.
  2. Allows the organization to allocate funds usually spent on traditional phone bills on other aspects of the business.
  3. VoIP also allows users to attach documents, conduct virtual meetings, and share data via video conferencing.
  4. Has also enhanced voice clarity to make it indistinguishable from traditional telephony.

Quick & Easy to Install

  1. Businesses no longer require separate cabling for old fashioned telephone systems.
  2. It cuts down on cluttering of extra electrical wires which can lead to fire hazards.
  3. The scalability of the VoIP infrastructure makes it facile to add new components with minimal hassle.
  4. It makes it easier to alter and maintain the entire system.
  5. VoIP technology combines and stores data as one single network. This increases the manageability, cost-effectiveness, and productivity for your business that needs reliable communication.
  6. Businesses can also invest in wireless VoIP technology to make cheap rate calls from any place that offers Wi-Fi, such as cafeterias, book stores, hotels, airports, and a variety of other locations.

All you need to choose is a PC-based software or softphone, download it & install it. Downloading & installation for the software is free, & you can make or receive unlimited local or international calls without paying a penny!

Frequently used VoIP softphone services are: Skype,, Gizmo, VoIPStunt, PeerMe, Fring, Yeigo, iChat, iCall, Nimbuzz etc.

All of these features make Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology an accepted choice among businesses, especially for those who lack computer-savvy personnel.

How VoIP can improve communication?

how voip can improve communication

If you want to use VoIP service for voice communication, all you need is a speaker & sound card besides your computer and Internet connection. Then, you can download software of your choice. So, you can see it requires minimum hardware and software.

VoIP calls can be made on Internet using VoIP service. All your device needs to have is a quality Internet connections (e.g. 3G or Wi-Fi) but it is in news that works even in 2G!

You can keep in touch by making calls at home, at work or at any place by using VoIP software. You don’t have to miss any meetings or conferences! Using VoIP service you can save up to 40% on local calls and up to 80% on international calls as compared to PSTN line. It is apparent that VoIP is very cost effective for personal and business use. Also you get features like Caller ID, Voicemail, Call waiting, Call forwarding at zero cost!

Company employees are more mobile savvy nowadays, they can get irritated dealing with complicated problems of phone system. VoIP technology is friendlier.

VoIP can make your experience more sophisticated and rich for your business. With traditional office phone lines, you are restricted to your office region, but VoIP can give you freedom to talk anywhere at any time! You can allocate web based customer support with VoIP technology to minimize problem-solving time period, so that you can focus on enhancing the business. Also through web based customer support, you can improve your customer’s satisfaction and be on top of their needs, compared to your competitors.

As a helpful resource, you can also take a look at the above when you do decide to go ahead with VoIP, and consider all of your options.

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