Top 10 Dangerous Apps for your Children

You need to be aware of the activities of your children and get alert if they have any of these dangerous apps downloaded on their smart phone. Being a little more conscious, you can keep your children away from the apps which may leave harmful effects to them. No parents want their kids to be exposed to the apps that pollute their mental state.


A polluted mind affects the studies, participation in recreational activities, and the overall development of a child. It is imperative for the parents to give a morally high upbringing to their kids for their bright future. So we have mentioned few apps with details how they can be misused by children. Be responsible and have a look below:


This application is aimed at online dating and teenagers are mad about it. It fetches all the info about user from their FB profile and users can rate the profiles. Children find it fascinating to rate others and get rated, but it gets towards cyber bullying by grown up children. They forcibly let others down by decreasing the rating.

Kik Messenger

It is IM with many users worldwide and allows sending multimedia messages. Children use it for sending nude selfies and other obscene content, which can spoil them in long run.


Blendr is a flirting application used for sending messages and multimedia files to others. It also associates rating system. Teenagers are seen to share sexual messages through this app due to no troubles related to authentication.


SnapChat allows users to send pictures and video content to anyone and this data goes off after the desired time. It is by far the number one application used for sharing sex clips by the children.

It is a popular social network used by kids and allows asking other users various questions and answers without showing off the identity. It promotes cyber bullying issues among kids. It is sad as nine kids have committed suicide in the United States and The United Kingdom with associations.

Yik Yak

This application uses ‘Yaks’ up to the length of two hundred characters and the message can be viewed by up to five hundred people who are associated with the person who wrote Yak. There are sexual contents included and kids begin to show their interest more by revealing their personal details and information.


This app is mainly used for video chatting and you can chat with strangers with similar liking as yours. You can even connect to FB association for the same. Teenagers love to interact with new people mainly for sexual concerns through this app.


This app is used to anonymously confess and teenagers love it as it is anonymous. You can even search for user postings and all this can be done without any need of registration.


This application can hide other apps from the mobile phone. Kids can hide any app which they don’t want you to see. It is a hiding tool for kids.


This application connects with FB, and users can indicate if the friend is down or great for hooking up. It creates a virtual image of hooking up and children love it for their secret passions.

mSpy can help you in tracking the activities of your kids and it is feasible to get the full details about each of this application installed on their mobile devices. Even if you have got a hint about the same, you should not wait to install mSpy on their android to know about their activities in detail.

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