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Best Website Content Change Tracker Tools: That Notify Instantly

Our daily life is very hectic; we always to be updated with the concerned info, but some circumstances may lead to miss the significant or desirous data. Due to which, we miss some glorious advantages and events. To tackle with this situation here, you will find list of site and extensions that will aware you all the any of modification in the contents of the web-page.

Let’s have a look at the list of the best Web-Content Changes Tracker Tools:

Visual Ping

visual ping

Visual Ping is easy to use site that helps in tracking and monitoring the change on the web-page content. Just mention the name of site of which you want to see the change content and also give the mail id of your where you want to get notice about any modification happen, then forget about the daily visiting the site to view the any tweak that happens on the web content. This site has some disadvantages. It cannot show the ad change in content. Secondly, it always notifies you even while the change is not happened.

Alert Box

Alert box

Alert Box is an add-on tool that is only compatible with Firefox web browser. It is simple to use application. Just install the application after that go to the site of which you want to notify the content and then click the Alertbox button that you witness at the end of address bar. You will sense the change in the content in any form through the sound. The interval of notification can also be set between 2 minutes to hours. You can also get notification with the mail too.

Page Monitor

Page Monitor

Page Monitor is the extension that works with chrome. Page Monitor is used to track site content. There is one of exclusive options with this add-on that is you will be informed about the specific part of the web-page. Despite getting whole page info users can know the change in the specific part of the web content. This application sends alert sound after every change occurs in specific time-period that is set by the user on the main menu.



Versionista is the site based application that recommends user to create account. This tool enables to inform the change in only 5 sites, but if you want to list more than 5, then you have to pay. This tool maintains the historic data regarding any change in web content with date and time. Here, you can specify the different page of the single site of which you want to be informed about.

Follow That Page

Follow that Page

Follow That Page is the simplest site based application that reads every part of web content and gives clear picture of the modification in the content through mail. The disadvantage of this tool is it informs every single bit of change in the site that is “written 3 hours ago at the blog post”, “number of viewers” , etc.

Change Detection

Change Detection

Change Detection is online based applications that monitor the web page through the mentioned address and send notification at the given email address. When you go to the site, you will find the text bar where you have to fill up the address of the website and email-id. After that, you will direct to the configuration page that asks to set the time-period range for being notified at certain interval (if any change occurs) and type of text that you want to view.



WebMon is the windows based application that monitors the change in the content of the site. The beautiful advantage of this tool is it can work at the background and there is no need to open the browser to see the modification that occurs in the site. The user interface is full of function that you can easily fill up the detail and start using. Here, you will witness the “specify content for check” button that avails you to visualize only the modified part in the specific web content.



Check4change is the second Firefox extension that is used to track the changes in the concerned site. You can choose the text on the web-page and click Check4Change menu over it. You will find the configuration option, where you need to set timestamps and type of data menu. After setting the configuration, you can go to the site where you want to see the change. It will spot the modified data at the site. Here, the biggest disadvantage with this tool is you have to go to the specific site.


Hopefully, the web content change tracking tools (web application, add-ons and softwares) that are given in the list will give birth to an idea. Now, you will never miss any chance to know the significant information on the site. Although there is also another option to get feeds that is RSS (Rich Site Summary), all the sites do not provide RSS and configuring RSS in not so easy. You can also share any new tools apart from the list in the comment section given. Stay connected with our blogs for future updates.

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