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Why Every Online Business Needs a Data Recovery Plan

Why Every Online Business Needs a Data Recovery Plan

Information security, however, is only one half of the equation. An attack may still affect your business no matter how well you prepare for it, which means you need a data recovery plan in place as well. This is especially true for online businesses, and there are many good reasons why a data recovery plan is also a necessity.

Credibility After a Hack

A simple attack intended to destroy your database can have a catastrophic effect on your online business if you cannot recover from the attack properly. The database may contain customers’ orders that haven’t been processed. Failure to recover the data will lead to you having to retrace those orders manually.

This greatly reduces your credibility as an online business. More importantly, it significantly reduces your ability to convince future customers to buy your products and services. Instant and accurate recovery is a must.

Loss of Income

When your site is down due to data (or database) corruption, you are also losing customers. Aside from the negative impact on your credibility as an online business, having your site down for too long will also scare potential customers away.

It is not uncommon for an online business to lose thousands in potential sales in a matter of minutes. In the case of larger online businesses, 5 minutes of downtime could lead to millions in lost sales. Once again, quick data recovery is needed.

Loss of income may also come from the inability to operate smoothly. Even when the site is accessible, not being able to process customers’ orders or deliver services leads to more potential losses and a lot of complaints from said customers.

Smarter Handling

Let’s not forget that you may catch the cause of data loss while it is still ongoing. Knowing what to do in the event of a hack and having a clear data recovery plan will allow you to react to the situation more accurately. The last thing you want to do is make mistakes that lead to difficulties in recovering your data.

In the event of a hardware failure, for instance, knowing how to safely remove the hardware and ship it for recovery will increase the chances of getting your files back substantially. Secure Data Recovery, a leading name in data recovery services, notes that mishandling of the situation is still one of the most common causes of permanent data loss.

This is a risk you don’t want to take. Losing valuable data because of mistakes made by team members or even yourself is a painful experience.

It is clear that a good data recovery plan is needed. Combined with the security measures put in place to protect your business data, your online business can recover from most situations without a scratch.

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