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Why Every Site Should Have a Blog and How to Get Started

  • Gather email addresses
  • Deliver value to your customers
  • Improve your website’s SEO
  • Increase exposure and visibility
  • Convert leads
  • Generate backlinks
  • Create your network with influencer marketing

A great and free platform for creating your own blog is Wix. Wix allows you to create a blog quickly and easily, no matter what your niche is, and with no need for any technical expertise in design or coding. Choose from hundreds of professionally-designed templates to create your beautiful blog in an instant.

Steps to Start Your Own Blog With Wix:

  • Choose Your Blog Name: Choose a name based on what your blog is going to be about. Wix also provides a blog name generator to help you find the perfect, unique blog name for your site.
  • Create Your Own Logo
  • Secure Your Domain: Wix can also make it possible for you to choose and purchase a domain name of your choice. Make sure it is related to your niche.

  • Choose the Right Template: As we mentioned, there are hundreds of blog templates to choose from! Once selected, you can customize the template’s design to perfectly match with your brand colors and theme.
  • Create Posts: You can start writing and adding new posts.
  • Publish: don’t forget to publish your posts so they can be visible to your target audience.

Check out this guide on how to start blog for more information.

Features of Wix Blog Builder

Wix offers many complimentary features specifically developed to meet your blog’s needs. These include:

SEO Integration

Wix provides SEO tools within its blog builder. Your blog posts will be SEO optimized from the very beginning, helping you generate high quality traffic to your blog. You can also create a personalized SEO plan to boost your blog’s search engine visibility.

Add Categories & Hashtags

You can also add categories and hashtags to make it simple for your audience to find the desired content. Create categories that display within the blog menu so that your readers can instantly check blog posts of their interest. You can also create hashtags for posts.

Create Your Writer & Editor Community

You can add writers and editors of your choice to create your blogging team. This means better collaboration and content sharing.

It is also possible to create a members area to allow members to create their profiles and check others posts, comments, and profiles.

Search Features

It is not just the categories and hashtags that make it easy for readers to search for desired posts. You can also add a search features to allow searching using keywords.

Rich Text Editor

Make the most of various features like bullets, links, and quotes to create stylish text. Align and adjust the images, text, and other rich content to create a custom look.

HTML Embedding

It is also possible to add interactive content and additional applications using HTML code. This means a wide range of content can be added including maps, images, music and videos.

Google Analytics

Wix provides a Google Analytics integration that allows you to keep track of your blog’s performance. You can learn about the number of visitors, time spent on each post, track the pages, links, and content being clicked on, links to your blog and even how your blog is being found online.

All this information can be used to optimize and improve your blog’s performance.

Once you have created and set up your blog, you can manage it from anywhere using the Wix app. It allows you to do much more than viewing your comments and sharing your posts – you can also create new posts and edit directly from within the app.

Visit Wix to create your blog today!

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