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7 Mobile Advertising Strategies to Drive Leads and Sales

In an era, wherein you can get all your work done through mobile phones, marketing one’s business through mobile advertisements can be a great source to boost your business conversions and drive leads. Targeting marketing strategies to mobile users is a great source of staying in the competition to increase your brand value, visibility, leads, and sales. The ability to connect directly with the customers can be experienced only through mobile advertising.

It doesn’t matter whether you are a digital marketing company in Delhi, Bangalore, or Pune – mobile advertisement strategies are effective in all parts of the country because of the extensive use of phones. If you are also one among such companies looking for ways to boost sales and drive leads, here are the 7 mobile advertising strategies that will help you:

Mobile-friendly and Optimized Website

The first thing you have to do even before trying new mobile advertising methods is making your website mobile-friendly. People who find out about your brand via various ads and other digital marketing routes will usually navigate through your website before trusting you completely. If your website is not mobile-friendly, users might search for alternative brands and they might also land on your competitor’s website. Besides decreasing your sales, it may also increase your competitor brand’s visibility. So, make sure that your website is mobile-friendly and well-optimized to generate leads and increase your sales.

Attention-Grabbing Content

Once you are sure that your website is mobile-friendly and well-optimized, you need to concentrate on your content. Content is a great method of advertising your product. A quirky line or content is all you need to grab the audience’s attention. Make sure that the keywords you use in your ads are well-optimized. There is no better way to attract mobile users than creative advertisements. Content is one of the key factors of mobile advertising strategies.

Establish a Mode for Your Customers to Connect Directly with You

The minimized barrier between a business and its customers can work wonders for companies. This will help you establish a trust that can increase your customer base. Share your phone number or any other contact details with your customer to interact with them. Customers always search for simpler ways to get information. Sharing your contact information will let them get the required details directly rather than scrolling through your website for minutes in search of information.

Fun Videos

Videos are a digital marketing trend now. The easiest way to convey your information to your customers is through a video. With the decrease in the data rates due to the introduction of the 4G network, there is a tremendous growth in the statistics related to the online video watching habits of the users. Mobile advertising can be improved with innovative video content.

Special Offers and Discounts

Who doesn’t like discounts? Of course, everybody does. Advertising a product by displaying offers in the ads is one of the most used and effective mobile advertising strategies. People are more aligned toward the brand that offers them a quality product for a lesser price. Pampering your audience with special offers and discounts can help you in generating organic leads.

Targeting the Audience

Targeting your audience based on their location is an efficient mobile advertising strategy. Target your mobile ads to get a more local crowd. You can target users based on region, pin code or any other landmark. For example, if you are a digital marketing agency in Delhi and you want to advertise your services in the capital city, you can specify a location within Adwords using zip codes of areas in Delhi. Targeting users based on criteria is indeed an efficient way as it reaches people in real-time.

Make the Best Use of Ad Extensions

Optimizing your mobile advertising strategies is another key tool to increase your sales and generate leads. You can use Google’s Ad extensions to achieve good results in this method. Various services like click-to-call, click-to-text, calling out a keyword, displaying ratings and reviews in search results, sharing site links can be availed through Google Adwords.

Mobile advertisement strategies can impact your business’ sales to a great extent. Follow these trending mobile advertising strategies to boost sales and generate leads. Make the best out of the advertising opportunities you get to expand your business. You need to try various strategies to find out the best mobile advertising strategy that will work for your business. Also, always keep an eye on your competitors to know what strategies they are implying to get good results.

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This article is written by Rishabh Agarwal, he is specialized in the digital marketing and web design services and currently employed with Techmagnate (leading digital marketing agency in Delhi).

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