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Why Your Blog – And Your Readers – Demand More Multimedia

But as much as words can be of value to your blog’s readers, let’s not forget that many people can be enticed to view and share your content if it’s delivered in a form that deviates from the prose article blog post. The Internet is a multi-medium medium, after all, which means that if you’re not utilizing all of the resources for blog promotion at your disposal, you’re essentially doing yourself – and your readers – a disservice.

Audio & Podcasts

In the age of iTunes, it’s hard to say that audio resources are being underutilized. And yet you’ll see a lot of bloggers out there that have no real connection to their readers simply because they’ve never so much as spoken to their readers. If you haven’t done so, now is the time to up your audio game through resources like podcasts, instructional videos, and reviews.

The podcast, of course, is the king here: it’s essentially a radio broadcast, only you have total control about what your listeners get to experience.

There are a lot of resources you can use to exploit the potential of audio content on your blog. YouTube, SoundCloud, and iTunes come to mind. The important thing is that you – the producer – spend time making the audio worthy of a listen.

Graphics and Photos

Let’s face it: today’s readers have a short attention span. They’re often going to click “back” when they see your 2,000-word diatribe against the evils of the Academy Award selection process. But if you can add visual elements to your blog posts, well, that’s a horse of a different color.

The easiest way to do this is to add graphics directly into your blog posts themselves. Graphs, photographs, charts, and even slideshows can add so much spice to your blogging style that you’ll ever wonder why you neglected to include these elements.

This screenshot shows how the White House used a photo and caption to add extra value to a blog post:

Best Of Both Worlds: Video

Combine audio and visual communication by adding videos to your blog. You can add video rants, instructional videos, product demo videos, or whatever you can think of that your readers will enjoy. Adding videos to your blogs can give your readers a stronger sense of having a relationship with you simply because they see you. Sure, they don’t actually know you, but that’s the power of using visual media on your blog.

Here is an example of integrating video into a blog post:

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