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Facebook, LinkedIn and Blogs, Oh My! How to Use Social Media For Your Business

By using social media marketing in smart, innovative ways to reach out, expand our business and take advantage of the tools available. Here’s how.

Come Up With a Social Media Strategy

One of the best things about social media marketing is how accessible it is for anyone who wants to take advantage of it. From first time domain holders to experienced entrepreneurs, social media can be used for anyone who sees the potential in it. Leverage your businesses success by improving your Facebook traffic, start a blog that is full of information on your business and/or area of expertise and keep fans (while acquiring new ones) interested with Twitter posts.

Facebook It!

Having a Facebook page is the single best social media marketing tool at your disposal. So, you’ve created a page and have 500 friends but you want to improve your traffic even more? Make sure that your Info section has everything in it necessary for anyone to find out more about you. Make sure to include your website address and other contact information that will make it easier on anyone to find you. As a whole, the goal for business owners on Facebook is to provide fresh, unique content on their page. So, whether you are notifying friends about your latest promotion or tips, the goal is to keep it fresh and frequent!

Start a Blog on Your Area of Expertise

A blog is a great way to develop an audience in addition to your social networking sites. Whatever your area of expertise is, from homeschooling to financial planning, can be utilized for your business. Use your blog as an important platform to drive in business by connecting blog posts with your Facebook and Twitter pages as well as improving your overall followers through mass emails. It’s important to know your target audience and develop frequent blog content that will appeal to what they’ve sought you out for. Tired of feeling left behind in your competitor’s tracks? A blog is a great way to keep your Facebook fans interested in what you have to say and mention you on their own social network.

Invest in an Email Marketing Campaign

An email marketing campaign can be swift, easy to design and with the right resources at your disposal, one of the best ways to leverage your business. Combined with social media marketing as an additional way to advertise your business, you can’t go wrong. Whether you’re embarking on your first or tenth mass email, make sure not to neglect putting in your links to Facebook, your blog and of course, your website. Invite your respondents to hit the reply button for their feedback and create some dialogue. Invite them (or simply remind them) to visit your Facebook page for the latest tips and deals about your area of expertise/business.

By depending on these important social media marketing ways to improve your clientele, online visibility and overall business success, you’ll beat out your competition in no time.

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