Tips and Tricks for Promoting Your Website with Facebook

It is also so fabulous and popular because it is free. If you are starting to promote your website with Facebook, you are making an excellent choice. You have the potential of reaching an astronomical amount of folks with the network, and this could lead to many more visitors to your website. Being on Facebook is just part of the battle though; you also will want to try some of the following tips and tricks to make the most of your promotional effort for your site via Facebook.

Cross promote your Facebook page and your website.

Promote your website or blog on your Facebook page, and promote your Facebook page on your actual website. This is easy to do, as there are plenty of buttons available. Your content can be liked or shared directly from your site to your visitors Facebook accounts with a quick click. Additionally, site visitors can “like” your page and become a fan quicker than ever with these handy buttons.

Interact with your fans.

Social media is about a dialogue. Sites like Facebook are great for promotional purposes when you interact with the fans representing your website. Ask questions, answer questions, offer up information and make other posts and comments to show that you are engaged in the conversation. If your fans feel that your page is talking at them and trying to sell, sell, sell or that you are ignoring them, they will start fleeing from your page in droves.

Post at least once a day to your wall.

There are plenty of things you can post, but please remember that quality over quantity is important with Facebook posts. You can post pertinent updates, links to new content, intriguing images, soon to be viral videos and other pertinent related content. Posting daily means that your Facebook page will end up in your fans’ newsfeeds at least once a day. The more they see you, the more likely they are to scoot over to your website.

Post a profile picture.

If you have a slick, well developed website, this probably won’t be a problem; you already have a logo that is an obvious choice for a profile picture. If you don’t have a logo, put something up as an image. Without a picture, your Facebook presence won’t look very professional, official or legitimate.


These were just a few tips and tricks that can help you get started promoting your website on Facebook. This social network is an amazing tool that you need to be on, and you need to work it in order to gain the full benefits of this great, free resource for marketing your website and gaining more visitors.
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