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Content Creation Tips: Latest Tricks for Creation of Content

Creating quality content is not that difficult. You don’t need expertise in high level language, unless you are targeting language majors or a specific group, and you don’t need any special equipment. You will just need your creativity and maybe your computer. However since the job is not that difficult, the competition is tough. For your content to rank better, you need it to be the very best possible.

Therefore here we present to you some important points to look out while creating high quality content for your website.

Analyze and Plan


The most important part before starting anything is to analyze why you need this website and what would be the role of content in it. If you are writing content just to stuff your website meaninglessly then stop right there and then. It’s not going to work and may even negatively affect your site’s rankings. Instead you must chalk out an SEO strategy that suits your needs. Also remember that quality and relevant content may not increase the rankings in the blink of an eye. It provides you a solid base on which you build backlinks. You must plan and write accordingly.

Every piece of content should be looked at as a project, and must be paid attention to.

There are hundreds of writers on the web who are casually writing about every possible topic imaginable (along with a few unimaginable ones). Therefore for your content to rank higher than them it needs to be more attractive than theirs. It should either have more information or should have entirely unique information. Dig into the Internet and research thoroughly. It has everything.



It is a time tested fact that compartmentalized information is much easier to grasp. Nowadays most of your readers are only interested in specific information they are looking for. They expect to find that quickly and easily. Breaking your content into headings and subheading will highlight all the specific information that you have provided. Keeping your information concise will improve its readability, keeping up the interest of the reader. And remember,

  • Bullet points
  • Are
  • Good

Structure your content


Now that you have created compartments it is also important to structure your content. The content should be in flow and should be easy to read. Plan ahead on the kind of impact you wish your content to have on its readers. Many designers and writers highlight the most significant part in the top of the page, then go on to explain it. Others, set up a background first, whetting the appetite of the reader then usher in the main points with a bang. You can improvise in any way you want but it is advisable to subtly highlight the main points.

Glamorize your article


Making your content attractive is also important. Use images, infographics, videos, and other media options to make your content more engaging. Never undervalue the power of images and font sizes. But keep in mind that the media should be relevant to the content. Irrelevant images or videos are a strict ‘NO’. They’ll kill your quality risking the overall reputation of your site.

Mobile friendly

With development in technology, use of Smartphones to access the Internet is rising rapidly. To maintain your current view counts it is important to have a mobile friendly website design, but along with that it also important to have mobile friendly content. Content should be easily scrolled able in the mobile version of the site. Also be very careful about using the latest technologies for structuring your content. As they may not work properly on mobile versions.

Some Don’ts

There are many tricks for increasing the rank of your site. Most of them involve promoting your site. But it is important to note that no matter how fast you may rise in the ranks through spamming techniques- in the long run it can prove fatal for your site. A simple update in the Google search algorithms or a negative link may make your site obscure in the search rankings. Solid relevant, informative, and quality content only has positive points. No drawbacks.


The foremost thing to remember is that ranking a new site or improving the rank of an old site is a very lengthy and time consuming process. It requires hard work and patience. Along with that it depends mostly on hit-and-trial techniques that shows results in longer time frames.

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