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Showcasing Best Collection of Beautiful Horizontal Scrolling Websites

That’s why web design field counts in one of the most fickle industry in comparison to other. From past few years, wed design has undergone a continuous evolution and become most mature platform for creative people. Designers are coming up with more interactive design and more aesthetically pleasing designs. Designers are trying to provide users with different levels of navigation to make find their way over website easily and quickly.

Earlier horizontal scrolling websites are considered one of the most bad practice but now, designers taking it as a useful and attention generating approach. In fact, horizontal designs work really great with website portfolios or photo galleries. However, horizontal design can also stand-out as an amazing website if done carefully.

Showcasing 60 outstanding horizontal scrolling websites

Here, we are going to present the best collection of websites using horizontal scrolling for main navigation. Take a look:

1. IndoFolio

2. We Shoot Bottles
We Shoot Bottles

3. Eric Johansson
Eric Johansson

4. Furniture store
Furniture store

5. WaipDesign

6. Tinkainteractive

7. Inhouse

8. Alex Frueas
Alex Flueras Photography

10. Merus Wines

Merus Wines

11. Richard Arran
Richard Arran

12. Deborah parentes
Deborah parentes

13. Eolo Perfido
Eolo Perfido

14. ScerBossaro

15. Lucuma

16. Abacq

17. Nile Inside
Nile Inside

18. Love Bento
Love Bento

19. Les Hautes Mynes
Les Hautes Mynes

20. Gavin Casteletom


Gavin Casteletom

21. Wall Swaps

Wall Swaps

22. Publicidade Viva
Publicidade Viva

23. Gelisiguzel

24. Master File
Master File

25. C.L. Holloway
C L Holloway

26. Dustin Curtis
Dustin Curtis

27. Maurivan Luiz
Maurivan Luiz

28. Exit 10 Advertising
Exit 10 Advertising

29. Zupadupa

30. Front End Design Conference
Front End Design Conference

31. Stephane Tartelin
Stephane Tartelin

32. Graphic Therapy
Graphic Therapy

33. BBH London
BBH London

34. Lomotek Polymers
Lomotek Polymers

35. Ctrl+N
Ctrl N

36. Vanity Claire
Vanity Claire

37. The Horizontal Way
The Horizontal Way

38. Faub

39. Here Design
Here Design

40. Ladio

41. Peter Pearson
Peter Pearson

42. Alex Flueras Photography
Alex Flueras Photography

43. Carrot Creative
Carrot Creative

44. Bartle Bogle Hegarty
Bartle Bogle Hegarty

45. Magpie Studio
Magpie Studio

46. Candice Holloway
Candice Holloway

47. Make Pretend
Make Pretend

48. Elfletterig

49. Jason Love
Jason Love

50. Eolo Perfido Photography
Eolo Perfido Photography

51. Art in Design
Art in Design

52. Section Seven
Section Seven

53. Frank Giacobbe
Frank Giacobbe

54. Graphic Evidence
Graphic Evidence

55. Suie Paparude
Suie Paparude

56. Paolo Boccardi Photography
Paolo Boccardi Photography

57. Sursly

58. Hotel Oxford
Hotel Oxford

59. Visuall

60. Ricky Cox
Ricky Cox

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Written by Williams Heilmann


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