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The Top 7 Brightest WordPress Web Design Trends in 2019 (+infographic)

WordPress web design trends

It really is no surprise as WordPress is the most user friendly platform, it’s easy to start an online business with and it is easy to make it as simple or as complex as you want it to be.

With 2019 on our doorstep already we decided it’s high time to take a closer look at the brightest WordPress design trends that would roll in the industry in 2019.

Single page websites

Single page website

2017 has shown an increase in popularity for single page websites. It makes a lot of sense for a small business that provides a single product or service (and most small businesses do focus on one product only). Simplicity is of the utmost importance when it comes to usability, and with the range of devices people use to access the web it has become a priority. Single page websites are straightforward, simple to navigate and convince the customers to convert. They are also a wonderful tool for the popular storytelling approach to marketing.

Parallax Scrolling

Parallax scrolling is not a new trend as it has been popular for quite a while. This year parallax scrolling could be seen on a lot of WordPress websites. And, it looks like it’s not going anywhere any time soon.

Parallax scrolling is a pretty functional feature which works extremely well on one page websites.It is also a great tool to utilize for storytelling and some people claim it even increases user engagement, though this is hard to prove. Anyway, when used properly, parallax scrolling is a very nice feature that can make your WordPress website stand out – and this is undeniable.

Video headers and video backgrounds

Video headers and video backgrounds

Video headers and backgrounds are nothing new as well, but they were especially popular this year. The reason might be that WordPress has implemented a video header in one of their default themes and people simply notice how awesome a video header can be.

The reason behind the video backgrounds’ popularity is probably the minimalism trend which offers limited ways to deliver a message and engage the users. An impressive video background can easily reach your customers and attract their attention for far longer than a static image will ever be able to.

Bold typography

Long gone are the days when web designers had a limited selection of fonts to use. Nowadays designers have a lot of fun playing with fonts and creating their own. 2017 has been a great year for expressive, bold and dynamic typography so far. We can safely say that typography is not simply a means of putting words on the page any more, but a proper design element in its own right. With the number of typography oriented plugins added to WordPress every day, we can predict that this trend will remain in vogue for the next year, and probably a few more to come.

Expressive colors

Color is a very functional tool, not just a simple aesthetics element. Color influences emotions, thoughts and even conversion rates. With mostly everything else in web design being more and more standardized, color becomes a trendy tool. We’ve seen an increase of bold colors in WordPress web design, we’ve noticed more interest in the trendy colors Pantone names every year, and we think we will see these developments continue to take a more prominent place in design trends in 2019.

Card and grid-like design

card and grid like design

Card-like design is growing in popularity due to the popular websites that embraced it first, like Pinterest, Netflix, Facebook etc. And the ever increasing love for Google’s material design.

And it’s no wonder it is getting so popular among web designers. Cards are a great way to divide information into comprehensive sections and deliver it to the user in easily manageable chunks. Plus they work well with responsive design and mobile-first approach.

And while card-like design is pretty straightforward we’ve seen a rise of an opposite approach. This seems unexpected, but really is not. This being the experiments with standard grid layout more and more designers are trying out. By breaking the classic order, web designers create more engaging layouts with a lot of creative possibilities.

Responsive and mobile-first design

The last, but definitely not the least popular trend of WordPress web design in 2017 is responsive design with mobile-first approach.

Responsive design is not a new concept; it has even been designated as an unofficial standard in web design for the last couple of years. Google has been adding fuel to the fire by punishing non-responsive websites and removing them from the mobile search results.

The obvious benefit of responsive WordPress themes is that you do not need separate websites for your desktop and mobile versions as you simply create one design that adapts to every screen size.  And as we’ve already mentioned – it has been this way for quite a while. What changed is the way designers approach it nowadays. Previously you would create a desktop version first to show to the client. Now, the tables have turned and clients want to see the mobile version first, so designers create the smaller version and then expand it for desktop. Why is it this way? Because businesses see the rise of mobile technology along with the sheer amount of mobile traffic, which continues to grow rapidly.

Well, there you have it – the 7 brightest WordPress web design trends in 2017. Which is your favourite trend this year?

As a bonus, we have prepared for you a Free eBook with UI tips for Web Design enthusiasts.

UI tips for design

What do you think?

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