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Proven Expert Blogging Tips from Experienced Bloggers

Remember the competition is fierce. The blog Media statistics clearly shows that a total of 18.7 million people blog in the US: 6.7 million people blog on blogging sites while 12 million people blog via social networks.

As a result, consumers are now able to gain more information from companies. This is why, each blogger has to make content with serious competition to gain more attention from the blogging audience. In order to become a successful blogger, you need to do more than just create a blog and paste a number of posts. Luckily for you, expert bloggers have some secret blogging information they would like to share with you in order to improve the performance of your blog. These tips will work for any type of blog.

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Keep a Consistent Schedule & Don’t be Afraid to Make Mistakes

Almost any expert blogger confesses that they did not become expert bloggers the first day they started blogging. Many nascent bloggers often get stuck in their fear of failure that they end up not starting at all.

If your blog is already running, you need to keep a consistent schedule in terms of providing quality content and useful information. However, don’t worry about the number of typos and mistakes you make. Keep writing and keep learning from your mistakes. Make sure after writing your article or blog , run a plagiarism checker free online.

It is okay to make mistakes, but it is not okay to dwell on your mistakes. Keeping your blog updated is the best thing you can do. In the year 2013, Business Blogging Statistics surveyed 802 bloggers and the results show that only 40%, 30% & 22% of the UK, US & Canada bloggers keep their blogs updated respectively. If you can manage to keep your blog updated, then you are in the minority and that can only be great for you.


Discipline is the Key

This might sound ordinary, but is the thing you really need to keep you moving in the right direction. Mike Moran is the author of the best-selling Search Engine Marketing, INC, and is also serving as a senior strategist for a leading social media consultancy company in New York. Mike says that in order for bloggers to get the best out of their blogs, they must do the following:

  • Commitment: you don’t have to wait for chance to present itself for you to blog. You can create a schedule and stick to that schedule; otherwise you may never get anything done.
  • Keep a list of topics you’d like to blog about. Whenever the ideas come to you, you can jot them down in short paragraphs such that when you start writing the post, the ideas will flow freely.
  • Keep in touch with those who comment in your posts and answer their questions. A reader in your blog is better than 1 million potential readers out there.
  • Blog full heartedly. If you have decided to blog, do it wholeheartedly. The half-hearted blogging will waste your time.

Blog on Topics You are Expert at

As a blogger, you need to come out as an expert of that field. Blogging about things you have little knowledge about is dangerous and is the fastest way to lose your customers.

Given the fact that 81% of readers trust information they find from blogs, it would be in order for you to be among those who provide accurate and informational content. Doing research is indispensable unless you are publishing a fiction, poems, creative expressions, and other personal stuff.

Understand your Audience

You are writing for a specific group of people. Understand the type of audience you are writing for, and ensure that the niche suits them.

Also, get feedback from your audience and give them what they demand. At times, it is not about what you want, but what they want. This is what Daniel Burstein (Director of Editorial Content at MECLABS) has to say:


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Adam Prattler is a seasoned entrepreneur who aims to give a hand to fellow bloggers with blogging and quality outreach. His main goal is to build a reputable blogger community while assisting novice bloggers and small business on their way up the SERPs. Adam has successfully contributed to established web communities and online newspaper venues like SingleHop, UT San Diego, ShoutMeLoud and SocialMediaToday.

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