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Print Ad designs: Top 20 Print Ad designs For Advertisement Ideas

Print Ad designs : Promotion of a product or service is one of the most central strategies behind its success tale. A lot of tactics are used by the management geeks to make a sound note of their service in the market. These promotions do include both video & audio advertisement.

Just a few decades ago; both audio and video advertisements were even out of the thinking capabilities. But even at that time too advertisements were an important sector of concern. At that era poster print Ad designs were used to be the mean to popularize the products and services and till now this conventional method of promotion is used by almost every mega names of business machines.

Print advertisement is a cheap and effective way to magnetize the visitors towards your service or product. You can use these print Ads as a flyer or as posters; icing the cake you can even use these advertisement ideas as a viral marketing tool on the internet.

To help you in deciding the theme of the advertising prints Ad for your product or company; I am providing you the list of top 20 creative Print Ad designs. These advertisement ideas can help you to make the attractive design of your Print Ads.

OrtoinPlant– All Your Teeth Back in just 24 Hours


This print Ad design sample is one of my favorites from the list. This advertisement design from the dental care brand ‘Ortoimplant’ shows a gang of boys from the red groups at one side and on the perpendicular side; a boy from the blue gang writing against them. At this situation Ortoimplant promises that they can fix all the teeth of the blue guy in just 24 hours ! Really amusing.

 E Phone 900- Fast internet Access

E Phone

This is really a funny print advertisement from EPhone. This Print Ad is designed to showcase the fast internet speed of the mobile device but the creativity from the designer is simply amazing.

Ford-Thank God, Every New Model Come With Bluetooth


This great print Ads design from Ford is the perfect synonym for innovative thinking. In this print advertisement; Ford has shown the way to get hassle free from the earphone and wire knots with the inbuilt Bluetooth feature in their latest cars.

Zoo- Real wildlife should be much more worthy than their Soft Toys


This print ad design from Zoo effectively describes the poor state of the wild animals. On one hand where the soft toy of giraffe is marked as $30 on the other hand the real giraffe can be seen at just $7 at the Zoo. This poster is designed to appeal to the audience to donate for the wild animals.

Motorola-GPS Navigation System


Interesting way to put the ideas into the picture; Motorola has perfectly molded the use of their GPS Facility in this print advertisement.

Hawaii 5-0- Where Beauty Kills


This popular advertisement poster from the T.V series of Hawaii effectively mixes the theme of Beauty and thrill.

Jobs In Town – Caught In Wrong Job?


This best print Ad design from JobsInTown is simply perfect for the theme of the company. This picture advertisement could be an impressive marketing idea for your services too.

Tropicana- Nature Is Full of Energy


In this advertising print ad Tropicana has portrayed the power of nature. The LED lights are lightened from the kinetic energy of the Oranges; this beautifully explains the theme of the Tropicana Products.

WWF- Quit Smoking Before It’s Too Late

WWF Lungs

One of the most popular print Ad designs from the World Wide Fund impressively depicts the harmful effect of smoking to the lungs. This award winning print Ad is admired in all our the world.

Dettol- Hands Are The Favorite home For Germs


This is an effective yet creative print advertisement from Dettol. It explains the working algorithm behind the Dettol handwash.

Burger King Print Ad Design

Burger King

Be careful ! Burgers are bigger now. This Best Print Ad design from the Burger King is undoubtedly appealing the subject of this advertisement. Nothing much complex but a clean innovative thinking to transform words into a picture.

Band Aid- Super Flexible

Band AId

This is yet another simple yet very creative Print Ad Design. This great print Ad design from the Band-Aid ironically depicts the flexible fabric design of the product. This could be an impressive source of marketing ideas.

Driving While Drinking

Driving While Drinking

This is unquestionably one of the top print Ad designs in the list. This informative design doesn’t need any words to describe; the advertising slogan of this famous print ad design is too impressive and interesting.

HP Printers – Paste Anything On Paper


Isn’t this a great work on advertisement ideas? The man rolling down the elephant in the sheet holder creatively defines the printing capabilities of HP printers.

Don’t Talk While He Drives


This is an amazing Print Ad design 2012 which screams the message of not using the cell phone while driving.

Samsonite – The Real Tough Bags

Samsonite Bags

A soldier using the Samsonite bag as a bullet armor; this is simply a creative approach to showcase the toughness of the bag. This print Ad design is a perfect example of business advertisement.

Mouth Wash Can Save Lives

Lister mint Mouthwash

A patient asks for Aid while the doctors saving them self from the foul odor from his mouth; This print Ad design 2012 is a impressive way of product advertising.

Improve Your English Today


Designed by the FF school of language; this is yet another award winning print Ad design. It depicts the confusion of the students while dealing with the almost similar kind of English words like ship, sheep and chip.

Nikon Face Detection Camera


The feature of face detection in Nikon cameras is creatively picuarized in this print Ad design 2012. it is an innovative thinking to explain that ‘Nikon can see which your eyes even can’t.

Durex- Pleasure That She Can’t Hide


Great print Ad design from Durex to depict the intense pleasure of a woman. This is another inspirational marketing idea for the product advertisement.

I hope you would have gained a lot of inspiration from this list of top 20 print Ad designs. if you know some more excellent examples of the print Ad designs 2012; you can share that with us. I will love to hear your reviews and comments about my work.

Print Ad designs: Top 20 Print Ad designs For Advertisement Ideas

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Written by Rinniee Ginsburg


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