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Mistakes While Designing a Logo

People recognize and memorize a product or a company with its logo. So, logo is the distinctive face of a business that tells the major part of the story.

Creating a memorable logo is essential as it visualize the personality of the business you are carrying. The logo of the company is the first impression of the product or the services among its customers. A bad quality logo reflects the poor brands and hence diverts the customers to opt for some attractive ways.  An off beam logo can be a massive disaster for you even if you are selling the best product of the market. The logo should reflect the better side of the product only and hence we should avoid making silly choices while designing logos.

There are some common mistakes that we often face while designing a logo for the product. These mistakes can ruin the business and effect the market reputation a lot. Let’s discuss the common mistakes made for logo designing: –

Choose a Professional: – Always hire a professional for your logo designing as a professional can only understand the exact requirement for the product. In order to save money we often ask a favor from a friend or sometimes hire an amateur cheap designer. One should go with proficient people to work for your logo designs. Your design should look professional and should spell the quality of your business. Designing a logo is a onetime investment for about couple of years, so you should go with it wisely.



This logo is simply an example of poor quality of designing.




A classic corporate swoosh timeless and attractive.

Below are the examples of timeless logo designs:-




This logo of Apple Inc. is a timeless piece of designing.



This is the simplest yet striking example of sportswear company Nike.

Focus on the Product: – A logo design should not be separated with the theme of the product. The designer may lose the essence of the product by overdoing with his ideas. A logo has to be a visualization client’s requirement and his product. Every logo design does not suit every product such as we cannot design a logo with bold typography for a serious law firm.  A perfect design always reveals the product in a unique way while sticking to the theme.

Avoid Complexity: The success story of a perfect logo design followed by the simplicity of the design. The common idea of most of the designers is to make successful logos with complex designs. For a simple logo design one should avoid employing too much things at a time. Such as shady effects, lustrous special effects, bevel marks, inclined style, very long text lines. Nothing looks better than a simple design so stick to easy and straight designs.  See below the example of few complex designs.

Olympic Logo of London 2012



This is an example that reflects of some complex ideas at its very first glimpse in logo designing.





Here the logo designer has incorporated so many fonts together with an unclear picture. This piece fails attraction.


Choose fonts cleverly: – while designing a logo it is very important to choose a right font. Most of the times picking wrong font can results to disastrous designs. Choosing fonts is altogether a difficult task. One needs to preserve the perfect balance of the theme and fonts of the logo. Impressive fonts increase the attraction and make an impact on viewers.

Comic sans


Plain and bad choice of fonts in this logo reflects the lousiness of the designer.

Cofee cup


This is an excellent example of a font based logo designed with simple cup design.

Avoid used and Copied Logos:The common mistake made by the designers is using copied design just to follow the trends. The purpose of a logo is to exclusively reflect the product or service. Copied task will not provide goodwill to the company and not even to the designers. Copying one’s logo cannot provide any benefit to you at all, people will only remind of original logo while viewing your logo.




This is famous Pepsi logo plagiarized form of its competitor CocaCola. This Logo originally reminds us of CocaCola.

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