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Happy Birthday to Google Chrome: Google’s Baby Grows three years old

Three years of journey has made chrome a power pack performer among all the browsing engine forces. Chrome is operating with a six week release cycles with various special features getting pushed by the Google den with a great force. With its latest version chrome is getting equipped with features like print preview, instant pages. Talking about the statistical report, chrome performance is getting better day by day as it is getting its grip over the market of many established browsers.

With the third year Google has outfitted Chrome with serving principals of simplicity, speed performance, and secure search. Chrome is such a responsive browser that it works faster even with the support of slow systems.

Apart from Chrome’s third birthday Google has so much to celebrate upon. This young browser is giving a head clash competition to Firefox and Internet Explorer effortlessly. We simply cannot avert the performance of Google Chrome in UK where it has detailed Firefox with major difference. The performance of this browser has largely changed the ways browsers are being made these days and led to a revolutionary acceleration of creating responsive and quick browsers.

Dealing with the fast pace of this rabbit year Google Chrome has substantially made a great performance serving millions of people over the globe. With its fast performance, simple features, and secured browsing platforms it is serving us greatly. There more lot to come from this woozah! Browser; so keep your eyes here to know more for similar developments.

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Written by Steven Bowen


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