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Complete Introduction about Technorati

Technorati is known as first blog search engine and also expanded itself to a complete service media company and along with that Technorati is providing services to the blogs and social media sites and hence joining them with advertisers, who want to join the conversation. Technorati’s online features allow you to share blogs with millions of people.


Technorati indexes more than a million of blogs that is why definitely a source for top stories, photos, opinion and videos emerging across news, entertainment, lifestyle, sports, politics, business and technology. Technorati also tracks and searches on the basis of influence and authority of blogs and the display results on the basis of the most comprehensive and popular blog in the blogosphere.

How technorati can benefit you?

Technorati can benefit you by providing the best platform where you can share or publish your own blog or website and helps you in searching other people and vice-versa. Technorati provides you the use of blog search engine, topic search RSS subscription, pinging and tracking blog posts by system even when your website has been updated and include back links to post in your blogs automatically.

Technorati is a marvelous resource to drive targeted traffic for that you need to understand about the Technorati tags, which has been discussed further in this article.
Along with that Technorati allows following features that can help you better to know Technorati.

• Claim Your Blog
• Add a Photo
• Tweak Your Profile
• Track favorite Blogs
• Add the Right Tags
• Keep a Watch list
• Edit Blog Description
• Put Technorati on your site
• Display All Your Blogs
• Blogs by Country

Now Understanding About Technorati Tags

A Technorati tag is a method to categorize something; it can be your posts, links, images or anything. You can tag your blogs posting, images, links etc so that when people search for something say ‘corruption’ then all the associated blogs with that tag will be shown.

Now this requires a bit of coding but that is not very scary. One can go to the Technorati tagging page where you check out a few of the technorati tools which you can implement to tagging process.

Claiming a Blog on Technorati

Claiming a blog means you are entitled to add and modify the blog listing in Technorati. This platform provides you the ideal way to generate more traffic and increase the visibility of your blogs.

Technorati is currently the most popular blog directory on the internet and the warehouse of 112 million blogs. If you are looking to increase the traffic and visibility for your blog then this is the right place to stay on.

Claiming a blog is the first step that is needed to confirm the ownership of your blog. For that it requires a bit of coding on your site, ping Technorati and it will verify that if it is indeed in you blog after that you will get your own blog page.

Once you are able to claim on Technorati then you can take the benefits of Technorati’s blogger tools to your blog. This process is quick and easy as it is a user friendly interface.
Here are a few simple steps which are needed to take in order to claim your blog with Technorati.

I. First step is to visit Technorati and select the “Blogs” tab from the top navigation bar-: Visit Technorati and select the ‘blogs’ tab on the top navigation bar.


II. Enter the URL for the Blog You Want to Claim:- Next step for you is to join Technorati for claiming a blog, for that you need to sign up an account. Fill up the mentioned information including the URL.
Scroll to the bottom of the page and enter the complete URL for the blog you want to claim in the text box provided. Select the “Begin Claim” button after you enter the URL.


III. Log into Your Technorati Account or Create a New Account:- After selecting the claim section next step is to login, if you already have an account then sign in or if you are a new user then register yourself by creating a new account.


IV. Log into Your Technorati Account or Create a New Account:- When you are login to the account with the legitimate username and password then ener the URL of the blog you want to claim in the next box provided, and click the “Begin Claim” button.


V. Copy the Claim Code and Paste it into Your Blog:- A new box will appear by “Complete Your Blog Claim” with instruction guide telling what to do in order to fill the claim. Follow step by step to instruction for copying the code provided and then open a new window, log into your blog dashboard, and paste the code into a new post on your blog or in your blog’s sidebar.

Once you have published the code on your blog, return to this page on Technorati (the window should still be open), and select the “Complete Claim” button. The window shown in Step 6 should open, and you can go back to your blog and delete the post with the code you just pasted or delete it from your sidebar if you want.


VI. Enter a Description and Tags for Your Blog:- In this step you will enter descriptions of your blog in the text box provided to help people who find your blog via Technorati understand what you write about. Also, to help people find your blog in searches on Technorati, enter keyword tags associated with your blog in the text boxes provided, and then scroll down the page and move to Step 7


VII. Add a Technorati Favorite Link to Your Blog:- If you’d like to add a Technorati Favorite link to your blog’s sidebar, so it’s easy for people to add your blog to their Technorati favorites, copy the code from the button or link style you prefer, and paste it into your blog’s sidebar. Then select the “Save Blog Info” button to complete your blog claim.


VIII. View Your Claimed Blog on Once your blog claim is completed, your blog listing on Technorati is much more comprehensive, making it easier for people to find your blog in Technorati blog searches. Finally you can post your blogs that can be viewed by tons of people.



Technorati is a perfect place for the bloggers who want their blogs to be viewed by tons of readers and viewers. Technorati avails you all the features that are needed for the best blog publishing platform needs. All the watching and indexing of information about your blog is done at Technorati. It is simply that if you wish to submit and claim your blogs then Technorati would be the first choice to make you jump through a hoop, run around. Finally the conclusion is that it is the kind of platform that the bloggers look for.

What do you think?

Written by Steven Bowen


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