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Best Practices to Deal with 404 Error Pages Easily

These pages are also called 404 error pages. Error pages technically known as the 404 errors – are errors given by the website server in response of a not found request of some URLs. This message simply tells that the page you are asking is simply not available.

The display 404 messages on your monitor is actually a HTTP i.e. (hypertext transfer protocol) standard status code. This code is a reply that indicates the request which has been made is not found or cannot be satisfied. Commonly people misconnect this error with server not found error which is actually a matter related to connection to the destined server. Generally these page errors are said to be negative for the ranking of your site. It is entirely impossible to avoid 404 errors even if your website is strongly designed. One can actually mend the error pages and can present them in a way to make the user find a connection to your site.

In this post, we are going to discuss some of the common reasons for these error pages and some important ways to deal with them. Below discussed are some of the most common reasons responsible for 404 page errors:

  • We can face error pages in case the end user type the wrong URL.
  • If the user tries to connect a particular link has been deleted or moved somewhere else.
  • In case the permalink formation has been changed and user still goes for it.
  • If some the tags and categories has been changed, renamed or deleted in the recent times.

404 errors are basically not well for the site and prove that there are certain unnoticed issues to deal with. It is advisable to take immediate actions to solve these errors in the best possible manner to minimize the risk. In order to keep your user logged with the site we can go for a customize error page so that user can go with some options.



The above customize page actually help the customer to ask for help from the support system. It is a way to keep the visitor on the site for the longer time.

Ways to Deal with 404 Error Pages

It is always suggestible to avoid error pages rather providing cure to them. One can actually avoid 404 errors on their site by applying some precautionary actions. It is advised to examine web master tools now and then to avoid 404 errors. Be attentive while using plug-in tools that help in revise the links and formation of the web directory. Plan the graph of your site in advance carefully before making any changes. We hope this post carries informative points for you to observe while dealing with error pages.

Let’s discuss some best ways to deal with error pages. Let’s see.

1. Using smart redirect plug-in: – In case a 404 page found due to renaming of the subdirectory or altered configuration of the links you can use 301 redirect tools to hit the desired target pages. With the use smart plug-in redirect tools you can automatically provide a redirected page to the user. This tool actually provides a list of alternative solutions to the searched pages.

2. Redirect in PHP: – In order to mend the 404 pages with redirection in PHP one can use the sample codes below:

header ("Location: url");

3. Redirect in PHP:- In the script of JAVA one can redirect the visitors to another page to move their attention by using the below sample codes:

<script type=”text/javascript”><!– window.location = http://your_url_name/ //–></script>

Hence we will get:

<a href=”http://your_url_name/”>click here if you’re not redirected automatically.</a>

4. Need to have a Notifier: – Generally while move a post to some other place we often form some broken URLs. This Notifier helps us to catch up all the broken URLs. With the help of this notifier one can actually mend the broken addresses very easily.

5. AskApache Google tool: – This tool is exceptionally well in performing the task of mending the HTTP as it is unique in its performance.

6. Check Manually: – Even after using helpful notifier plug-in one can get 404 errors. The reason for this may be the multiple typed slashes and some not required inputs in the URLs.

Useful Tips to design 404 Error pages

Below are some really useful tips on how to design creative and attractive 404 Error Pages efficiently. Let’s get started:

1. Replace text

One can replace the text of the error pages. In place of words like page not found and sorry one can use other attractive text also so that the users get a positive impact. We will suggest you to choose the words in impressive manner according to the taste of the target audience. It is always very wrong to choose words that may annoy the visitor.

2. Back to Main Menu

It is the best choice to display the homepage to the visitors. This is great method so that visitors will keep on searching for the other topics and site and surf it for long time.

3. Use Topic Based 404 Page Designs

Pretend to be a visitor to your site and wish for an attractive 404 page designed uniquely. Use most possible creative ideas for 404 pages with attractive colors and themes. You can make use of trendy cartoon characters. This is a great method to ensure a sense of searching liberty to the visitor.

4. Back to Search

You can show a search box on the error page so that visitors can search more and stay longer on the site.

Best Examples of 404 Error Page Designs

Let’s have a look at some of the best examples of 404 pages:

Henrik Hedegaard

henrik hedegaard











Product Planner



Cut and Taste


Niki Brown










Atease web

atease web



Jamie Huskisson






Rocket Theme



Instant Shift


What do you think?

Written by Steven Bowen


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