7 Ways to Use Google Trends for SEO

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Google Trends is a site that Google launched back in September 2012. Initially starting life out as Google Insights for Search, Google Trends is now a free tool that can be used to analyze the top search queries that appear in Google Search.

Users can look at top search queries across a number of different regions and even by language.

So how exactly can Google Trends be used for search engine optimization (SEO) purposes? Below we will explore 7 ways that Google Trends can be used for SEO purposes – by an individual, Jacksonville local SEO company, or a marketing team.

7 Way to Use Google Trends for SEO

Google Trends is an especially popular tool for doing keyword research. You can search for daily and real time search trends all in one place – giving you an idea of what people are currently looking for in terms of content on the Internet.

Here are 7 ways to use Google Trends for your SEO.

Identify Related Keywords

Google Trends allows you to put in a keyword and see several different things about it. This includes seeing related keywords that are tied to the keyword that you initially put in.

These related keywords that will appear will be listed in order of popularity and they will typically have the search increase percentage listed as well. For example, the related keyword may have seen a +170% increase in searches.

These related keywords can be especially helpful to your SEO because you can build out a list of keywords that tie to your business’ main category. For example, a digital marketing company may search for “digital marketing” on Google Trends. Top related keywords to “digital marketing” include:

All of these are useful for a business to know because they can then incorporate them into the SEO on their website.


Check Keywords for Blog and Video Topic Ideas

As mentioned above, you can find related keywords through Google Trends. These can be implemented into the content of your website in a few different ways, including being used to guide different blog and video topics.

When you pull up a Google Trends search, there will be a section titled “Related Topics”. This shows related topics to the initial keyword that people are searching for on Google. You can use this section to brainstorm new ideas for blog and video content that can be made now or in the future.

These topics may be broad or narrow, depending on the keyword you are searching. But it can be a useful tool when you are looking for new ideas that relate to specific keywords.


Make Use of Short Term Trends

While long term Local SEO will be especially useful to improve online presence, short term trends can also be beneficial on their own.

Google Trends allows you to view trends in the short term, at 90 and 30 day intervals. Knowing short term trends that relate to your business or area of expertise can be a simple way to create content that is currently on trend and can pull viewers to your website.

To determine if short term trend SEO would be effective for you, consider doing a few tests related to the terms you choose.


Optimize for Local Searches

According to data gathered by Go Gulf, 46% of searches on Google in 2019 were from users who were looking for local information. For your SEO purposes, Google Trends can provide you with information on local searches based on their Interest by Subregion category.

This gives you the option to monitor local searches to your area and see what people near you are searching for in relation to your business or the services you provide.

You can use this information to create targeted content to your local region, offer promotions for specific areas, and use it to reach out directly to potential customers nearby.


Look at Where Searches Are Happening

Google Trends gives you the ability to really refine keyword data. They offer the option to categorize by Search Types, which can give you an insightful look at how potential customers are searching for keywords you find relevant.

Search types that you can sort by include:

  • Web Search
  • Image Search
  • News Search
  • Google Shopping
  • YouTube Search

Knowing where potential customers are searching can help you as you plan your SEO strategy and specific targeted content. For example, if you are a construction business that is looking to share informative information to your customer base, you might find them doing searches on YouTube.

This could be a good indicator that you may want to consider creating video content – which SEO can help with!


Keep an Eye on What Competitors are Doing

A handy feature that Google Trends offers users is the “Compare” option. This allows you to easily compare where one business is in comparison to another.

For an SEO company in Columbus or a marketing team that wants to keep an eye on a competitors Google Trends in terms of search terms, this option is extremely useful. With the “Compare” option, you can compare 1 to 5 search terms to see which is growing faster for each business. For example, you can search your business’ name and your direct competitor’s name to see the comparisons.

The “Compare” option also allows you to sort by location, time, categories, and type of search.


Keep Track of Breakout Keywords

Earlier we noted that Google Trends keeps track of search volume percentage. Another unique feature that may sometimes replace this search volume percentage is the “Breakout” label. If a keyword is labeled as Breakout in Google Trends, it means that the keyword’s popularity has grown by more than 5,000%.

SEO companies in Jacksonville and across the country take note of these Breakout keywords because they are often not competitive just yet. If there are relevant Breakout keywords, you may often have the opportunity to create unique content for your needs before there is too much competition.

Google Trends data is a valuable and free tool that can up your SEO game very easily. The data it provides can help you keep SEO high value and high quality as Google continues to update their algorithm in the future!

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