Best Apps for Android & iOS: 7 to Share with Friends, Collaborate with Colleagues

Some apps are available for just one operating system, while others are available to everyone. Whether you’re looking for better ways to connect, easy tools for enhancing security, or a fair, balanced news portal covering international events, you’ll appreciate this quick list of apps that work with Android & iOS alike.

Chat with Friends Across the World: Viber

Some apps require everyone to be on the same page. Viber Out is different: It works with any contact in your list, whether those people use Android or iOS. Viber offers a number of outstanding features: You can text, send instant voice messages and video chats, and you can make phone calls, including discount international calls. Integrated media makes it easy to search for fun things to share without ever leaving your chat page: This brings a whole new dimension to the basic act of communicating. Besides exciting add-ons to the basic chat experience, this outstanding app offers exceptional security with end-to-end encryption, no matter which method you’re using to get your point across.

Enhance Focus for Fun, Learning, Socializing and More: Forest

The Forest app is hot right now, and perhaps best of all, it’s available for Android and iOS users alike. The concept is simple: When you want to stop using your device for a while – maybe to focus on work or just enjoy your friends’ company over dinner – you “plant” a tree. Decide how long you’d like to focus and if you succeed, and you earn virtual coins for planting real trees; fail and your tree dies. Forest is fun to use, and it promotes a great cause that benefits all life on earth. You can use this app on your own, and you can encourage others to use it with you.

Get the Latest Headlines: BBC News

The BBC isn’t just for UK citizens: This time-honored news outlet provides a balanced, global view with a crisp interface that makes it very easy to find the updates that matter most to you. Skimmable headlines and quick summaries, popular articles, and live updates are front and center so there’s no need to search. Enable alerts if you like, or leave them turned off and use the app on an as-needed basis. There’s no charge from BBC; all content is provided free of charge.

Help Colleagues Succeed: Mind Tools

Mind Tools is an app worth discovering, whether you’re a fan of iOS or Android. True – you can use it to enhance your own business knowledge; you can also use it to help colleagues, friends, and family members increase their skills and advance in life. Create learning plans, put strategy tools to use, impart leadership skills, and much more.

Listen to Music and More: Spotify

Like many top music apps for Android & iOS, Spotify lets you stream music online as much as you like – even with the free version, which contains some ads, there is no limit to the amount of content you can access. There’s more to this app than streaming though: A couple of the best features enable you to play music offline using the download feature, and share playlists with Spotify Social.

Play a Game or Two: Transformers Robots in Disguise

Games are ideal for sharing with friends, and one of the latest offerings from Hasbro just happens to be available on iOS and Android. Transformers Robots in Disguise puts you and your friends right into the action, so you can fight alongside popular characters from the film. This is just one of a handful of well-made games that work on different platforms.

Stay Healthy, Lose Weight, and Log Fitness: SparkPeople

If you’ve been looking for an easy way to lose weight and you like the idea of sharing your health and fitness journey with others, then you’ll probably like the SparkPeople app. Not only is this app available on Google Play and in the Apple App Store, it’s also available in the Amazon appstore. Some features include calorie tracking, exercise and activity tracking, healthy recipes, exercise videos, motivational articles, and much more. Create teams with friends who also have the app, share details if you like, or simply use the app on your own and enhance your health.


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