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As the HTTP status code has three digit number, the first digit which appears from 1 to 5 denote five distinct classes of HTTP response status. However, it is quiet obvious that you as well as all HTTP clients must be able to diagnose the five classes of HTTP response status code. So, take a look over these five classes of HTTP response code:

However, in order to explore detail narrations of List of HTTP Status Code Error scroll down or simply click the below listed jump tags to designate the required http response code.

HTTP status code classes:

1xx: Informational status codes
2xx: Successful status codes
3xx: Redirection HTTP codes
4xx: Client Error codes
5xx: Server Error status codes

1xx: Informational status codes

These http status code indicate that the request has been received by server and the process is in progress.


HTTP Status Code 100

You are required to keep on the request. This response code notify that the request made by you has been accepted and has not yet been declined by the server.

HTTP Status Code 101

Switching Protocols
It means that the http client has put a request to switch protocols and as result server is intimating to accomplish the task.

HTTP Status Code 102

Processing (WebDAV) (RFC 2518)
This http code denote that server has accepted the request made by client and yet processing but hasn’t got any response.

2xx: Successful status codes

These http status code notify that the request was received and processed successfully.


HTTP Status Code 200

This indicates the server has successfully processed the request made by visitors. In case of robots.txt it means Googlebot successfully retrieved the requested page.

HTTP Status Code 201

The request was successfully achieved and the server has created a new resource.

HTTP Status Code 202

The server has received the request but yet couldn’t be processed.

HTTP Status Code 203

Non-Authoritative Information
It means that server has successfully processed your request, but might be the information is being congregating comes from another sources.

HTTP Status Code 204

No Content
The server has successfully accomplished the request, but isn’t revealing any content.

HTTP Status Code 205

Reset Content
It is very identical to 204 response, however, you are required to request or reset the document view.

HTTP Status Code 206

Partial Content
This indicate that the server accomplished a partial GET request successfully.

3xx: Redirection HTTP codes

These http status status intimate about acceptance of request, but requires an additional step to accomplish the request.


HTTP Status Code 300

Multiple Choices
On the basis of request made by user, the server has multiple action to perform. However, The server either opt an action specified by user or it may present a list of option to choose among by user.

HTTP Status Code 301

Moved Permanently
This indicates that the requested page has been moved to a new location permanently. Also, by employing this code you can make Googlebot acquainted that a page or website has permanently shifted to a new location.

HTTP Status Code 302

This says that the requested page is responding from another different location. In bottom line the requested page temporarily moved to a new location. In this case, you are not supposed to tell Googlebot as it will start to index and crawl from original location.

HTTP Status Code 303

See Other
This code appears when the user should make a separate GET request to other distinct location in context of fetching the response. The server would automatically redirect to another location for all request made rather than of HEAD request.

HTTP Status Code 304

Not Modified
This code notify that the requested page hasn’t been transformed since the last request and doesn’t retrieve the page content. However, either you are required to ask for it or configure the server to retrieve the response.

HTTP Status Code 305

Use Proxy
It means that the user can access the requested page only by employing a proxy. When the server fetch this response, it also denote the proxy that should be use by visitor.

HTTP Status Code 307

Temporary Redirect
It says that the request for a page is being retrieved by another location, but the user should employ the original location for future requests. However, it is identical to code 301.

4xx: Client Error codes

These http status code denote that the request made by client is an invalid page.


HTTP Status Code 400

Bad Request
The request made by user couldn’t comprehended by server.

HTTP Status Code 401

It means that you are not authorized to access the requested page. The server might be respond after a login to retrieve the content or page.

HTTP Status Code 403

It indicated that the server is denying the request. If you find that Googlebot meets this http status code when attempting to crawl valid pages of your website, then there may probability of blocking Googleblot’s access by your server or host.

HTTP Status Code 404

Not Found
The server could not find the requested page. But the users can make subsequent requests as it may be available again in future.

HTTP Status Code 405

Method Not Allowed
It means the implemented method of request is not allowed.

HTTP Status Code 406

Not Acceptable
It says that the requested page can’t be retrieved with content characteristics requested.

HTTP Status Code 407

Proxy Authentication Required
This http status code is identical to code 401 but the client are required to first authenticate themselves with the proxy.

HTTP Status Code 408

Request Timeout
This http status code indicates that the Server response time out waiting for the request.

HTTP Status Code 409

It appears when the server failed to accomplish the request because of requirement to create, edit or delete a file and that file can’t be created, edited, or deleted.

HTTP Status Code 410

It is too much similar to 404 http response code with marked distinction. 404 don’t tell whether the page has gone temporarily or permanently but, this code says that the source of request has permanently gone.

HTTP Status Code 411

Length Required
This indicates that the server has failed to precess a request made by client in account of content length which was not specified.

HTTP Status Code 412

Precondition Failed
It denotes that the server couldn’t accomplish the request which made under one of the conditions.

HTTP Status Code 413

Request Entity Too Large
This http status code indicates that the server can’t process the request which was greater than  capability of server to handle. The reason may be either setting or physical constraints.

HTTP Status Code 414

Request-URI Too Long
The Url provided by client is too long for server to process.

HTTP Status Code 415

Unsupported Media Type
The format of request is not supported either by resource or server.

HTTP Status Code 416

Requested Range Not Satisfiable
This indicates that the request made by client is not in range available for the page.

HTTP Status Code 417

Expectation Failed
The server return this http status code when it can’t fulfill the necessity of the Expect request-header field.

5xx: Server Error status codes

These http status code says that the server failed to accomplish a valid request made by client.


HTTP Status Code 500

Internal Server Error
It means the server has encountered an error and can’t process the request.

HTTP Status Code 501

Not Implemented
It says that the server doesn’t meet the functionality and hence can’t accomplish the request.

HTTP Status Code 502

Bad Gateway
The server was working as a proxy or gateway and get an invalid response from the upstream server.

HTTP Status Code 503

Service Unavailable
Basically, it is a temporary error. It appears when the server is currently unavailable due to maintenance or overloaded.

HTTP Status Code 504

Gateway Timeout
When the server is alternative of proxy or gateway and didn’t got request in time from upper stream server.

HTTP Status Code 505

HTTP Version Not Supported
It appears when the request made by client comprises the HTTP protocol version which is not supported by server.

List of HTTP Status Code Error

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